Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More writings from the trip to Raton, NM


In the night, Jesus was showing Himself coming against Lucifer.

Today we felt the warfare in the spiritual realm continuing. We drove towards the warfare and went up to the lake. We sat by the lake to string pictures of Jesus. We saw a sign saying we were at the Colorado border, we did not know we were so close to the border. While there, the Father was talking about a liberal strongman from Colorado. By the Holy Spirit, we took two pictures of Jesus and put them on the ground on each side of the road at the Colorado, New Mexico border, and poured a line of oil between the two states. The oil has a dual purpose: one is to rebuke the liberal strongman and the other is to be a call to the people of the state - it is a chance to see what harm liberalism brings to your people and reject it.

Then, we went into Raton, NM to give out packets of pictures of Jesus. I saw the Father looking left and right, and Silvana was saying, "over there...this one...that one". We put a packet of pictures at any house to which the Father directed us. We gave some pictures to four men and some children that were sitting in a driveway. One man took a stack of about 20 pictures, saying that he had many people that he wanted to give a picture. We also gave him a copy of the dvd THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and he said that when his friends come back from working in the coal mines, that he will watch the movie with them and give them each a picture. The children all put the picture of Jesus around their necks.

The Father sent us to "a blue house" and then, "a yellow house" and then said to put pictures into some mailboxes. We gave five men copies of THE PASSION. They each wanted it. We left a package with 50 pictures, 10 JESUS IS ALIVE tracts, and a PASSION OF THE CHRIST movie, at a church. Outside the church was a fruit tree. The Father said that this represents the fruit of the earth, the people that we are reaching, and the harvest that will come to Him. The last stop we made was at a house where the Father said to go inside and give pictures. We stopped and Therese went inside and asked the woman if she would like to have some pictures of Jesus. She said she did, and then she said that she has cancer and has been traveling into Albuquerque for treatment. We gave her an 8x10 picture of Jesus and prayed for her. We also called Jordan so he could pray for her also, which he did. Her name is Irma. Please pray for Irma, who Jesus loved so much, that He sent us right to her door.

The Father said that He is "raring to go" out again to reach the people with pictures of Jesus. He knows exactly where they are. I saw Him looking around as He did when we were driving and He was showing Silvana to "turn right, turn left, go over there..." He will lead us to them.

Jesus showed us to make more pictures today, so we set up on the picnic table and laminated about 500 more pictures. While working on them, He said that while making the pictures is a good time to put the sign out because people will be watching us and interested in what we are doing. So, we went in and got the sign and put it out. Less than five mintes later three people came by who work for the forest service. One of them, named Sam, came over as though he was drawn by a magnet. He stood looking into Jesus' face in the sign. I asked him if he wanted pictures and he said, "Oh yes". He especially wanted an 8x10, so we gave him an 8x10 and a 4x6, and since he said he wanted to give them to others we gave him a packet of 25 tracts with 50 stringed pictures, and we gave to him the movie, THE PASSION. He said that he had seen the movie but did not own it. He said that anyone who could watch that movie and not have tears in their eyes has something wrong with them. He said he would pray for us, and we pray for him and for all who love Jesus as he does. The other two people who were with him wanted pictures too and also the movie.

I see more of the Father opposing Lucifer. I saw the Father rush past Lucifer and snatch something away. I saw something like a sledgehammer/drill crash into the ground on top of a mountain, causing a crater to be there. I heard the top of this mountain called, "the little crest". I saw a steep mountain right next to this mountain. The steep and tall mountain represents Satan and the smaller mountain represents Lucifer. The Father is overcoming Lucifer and his lies and his works. This will cause there to be a powerful action against liberalism, against religiosity, against all the actions and lies of Lucifer. Thank you, Father!

The Father said to Silvana, "here is the definition of a theologian: someone who is looking for ways to not believe".


I woke up this morning in the Spirit. I saw the two mountains and then I saw the Father looking from a high place between the two mountains towards a town on the plains below. The city was waking up down below. The Father was looking at them and seeing them and hearing them and feeling them and loving them. I saw that He has plans to move over them and help them. He is sending us to them with pictures of Jesus and His Spirit is ready to move over them and change their feelings, their thoughts, their lives, and bring them hope and help.

Suddenly I remember an experience from the past: I remembered being in a Salvation Army help center, where there is a picture of Jesus and people can come for help. In this particular Salvation Army Center, there was a sign on the wall saying that no one can use their bathroom. They did not want the homeless to use their bathroom. While I was waiting to talk to them, a man came in for help, but they turned him away. After he left, the woman who was the receptionist came out from behind the counter with a spray and sprayed the air, as though to remove his scent. When I told them that Jesus would not tell the homeless that they could not use His bathroom, they threatened to call the police on me. In the Spirit, I saw this whole situation again, then I saw the Father and He followed the man outside and helped him. He went to the man's neighborhood, the man's background, and He began to help him and show him that He loves him. Then, I saw again the city with many people, and I saw the Father's Holy Spirit moving over them and among them, helping them with love. Hope and help are coming to Raton, to America, to the world.
Later in the day I went to Raton to do a load of laundry. At the laundry, I saw a woman with two children. I gave her daughter a picture of Jesus and then Jesus said to get an 8x10 to give to the woman. I went out to the car and got a large picture to give her. I asked the daughter to ask her mother if she wanted the picture so she did and the woman said, "Yes". As I was preparing to leave, the girl came out and told me that her mother had asked if I could pray for her since her husband had just died. As the girl and I were talking, I saw the woman, shyly peeking around the corner to see if the girl was talking to me. I went back inside and asked her if I could pray for her right then and she said I could, so I laid hands on her and asked Jesus to help her with her children, with everything in her life. How much Jesus loves her! He told us later that her husband was a covering for her since she is very shy. She needs Jesus' help and Jesus loves her. He took me to town specifically to give her His picture, so He can draw near to her and help her.
Then I went to a street called "Verde", which is the Spanish word for "green". Before we left Moriarty, Jesus told us to go to Verde Street in Raton. At the time we didn't realize that Raton is largely a hispanic city. The green (verde) is a sign of the Father and His plans. He will move among people to help them in every way and turn their thoughts towards Jesus, towards love, towards eternity and helping each other.
Near Verde Street, I passed a field with a large American flag in the middle of it. Jesus told me to give a packet of pictures to the people who have the field. I though their house was right behind the field and I started up the road to their house. The building I thought was a house was a shed, so I kept going on the road which wound higher and higher. I got to the very top of the road to a house and left a packet of pictures there. As I turned back to the car, I was surprised to see that the view was exactly what I was seeing earlier in the vision from the Father of looking down on a city. Click on the link to our pictures from the trip to see the view that I saw.

Writings from our travels


We left today for the Sugarite Canyon Campground where we have reservations for four days. (We ended up staying for six days) Earlier we had the idea of getting totally ready to go on Saturday. We were packed and ready to leave when we discovered a propane leak in the stove. We were able to get the advice and the parts to repair it because it was Saturday. If we had not had the warning to get ready on Saturday, we would have had to wait until Monday to go, giving up one of our days of rest. Thank you, Father. We fixed the leak on Saturday and left on Sunday. On the way we felt the opposition of the enemy, and the Father told us to resist and overcome him.

In Las Vegas, NM, we gave 25 packets of pictures (one JESUS IS ALIVE tract and two pictures in each packet) to the Good Samaritan Thrift Store to share with others and we gave a packet to someone who had Jesus' name written on their car.

At Raton, NM, just before our turnoff to the campsite, Silvana saw angels who are with us, greeting angels who are here. Char saw them too. It was as though it were a family reunion - friendly greetings all around. Silvana said that they see what the angels here go through. They respect them and love them.

Therese saw Jesus as though he was covering the Geo. She said at first she thought it was an angel and then she saw that it was Jesus, and angels were with Him and with us and all around us.

On the way, Char saw a vision of the Father inside a grave. She recognized the grave as one that was in her dreams the last time that we were traveling. The Father was filling in the grave. At first He was inside the grave and then He jumped out and finished filling it in and then patted it down.

Silvana: Evil is louder than good. Good is like a deep, clear river that flows with strength. Evil is like a crashing current that smashes against the rocks.

As we approached the campsite, Char saw the Father rush ahead of us, and then she saw Him by a picnic table spreading things out. When we arrived, we saw our site, which is by some trees and a picnic table.

The Father said for us to continue to stand as the enemy opposes us and to resist and overcome him. (This is how it felt when we met up with the strongman of Montana, and strongmen of other states, as we traveled in the past.)

Char dreamt in the night that Therese was going to become the Prime Minister of Canada. She was helping the people and giving packets of pictures to citizens who needed help. The packet of pictures that she was giving had two pictures of Jesus and around six pictures of scenes from nature. The current PM and his aide were opposing Therese and trying to bribe her not to become the new PM. People in the nation were being helped by her. At a public function that was coming up in the near future, Therese was planning to publicly ask God for help for the nation of Canada. There was a report on tv in the dream about us and some pictures of Jesus but it was not the picture that we make. It was a different internet group. (This is the third dream of Canada in the last month. Anthony and Felicia also dreamt of Canada.) Later, the Holy Spirit said to pray for Canada everyday and when we get home to put out a rock before Jesus for Canada.

The Father said to Silvana, "I don't just oppose evil, I answer it".

Our camp site (#11) is under some trees between two roads, by the gates to the campground. The Holy Spirit spoke of the significance of the roads: one is a road to the whole world and the other is the road to communities. The gates represents gates opening up and the Father coming through. He is moving with power to return this world to Himself!

The Holy Spirit showed Silvana that Angels are now placed at the entrance of the campground and are not going to leave when we go. They also will remain in the cities after we leave. The demons are not going to be able to walk right in like they have been doing, oppressing people and moving on them in their sin to get them to hurt others. Now if they want in they will have to try to sneak past the Angels. The Father said to Silvana that once the ground is taken it will not be given back, it is permanant. That goes for ground taken in communities and taken in individuals.

Silvana saw combat in the spirit this morning. The angels who are with us are attacking demons in this area. The angels are forcing the demons out. The angels from this area knew exactly where the demons congregate, and led the way. During the fight, Char heard the Father tell His angels to "show them no mercy". Why should they have mercy, when they have been oppressing mankind for centuries? This is a takeover by the Father.

We gave ten packets of pictures to five bikers so they will have the picture of Jesus with them as they travel. What a joy to give out the pictures of Jesus. The Father said that the changes in people's lives after receiving the pictures are deep and profound. The Holy Spirit is the One who brings the changes and forever changes their lives.

The Father was showing what He meant in the vision by rushing ahead and filling the grave. The enemy seeks to drag the suicidal and the despairing towards death, towards the grave. The Father rushes ahead to fill the grave, so people despair, but then He is able to bring them to hope and save their lives. He is about life as the enemy is about death.

The Father was showing Silvana that just one drop of hope in their spirit is enough to bring them away from the despair that leads to sucide, which the enemy has been pushing on them. Hope, that they are loved, hope that someone cares for them. Silvana was describing prison and how cold and fearful it is. She described also a prisoner in a cell with cement walls and no window, reading "Jesus is alive and knows your name", and feeling the hope afer reading, "Jesus is watching you read this now, and loving you". Jesus bring hope to this person, hope to all who hear this truth.