Saturday, March 11, 2006

Being deaf

The Father has been speaking of the condition of mankind: they are deaf. The Father has used my own hearing loss as a representative of the condition of the church, and now He expands it to show the condition of all of mankind. I always viewed being hard of hearing as a handicap, but recently He has been showing a much more serious view of it. If you are deaf, you cannot hear the Father. If you do not hear the Father, then you don't know what to do when calamities arise, or when the enemy, who is invisible, opposes you. The end result of deafness, says the Father, is death.

We told you recently about the woman that Jesus healed of cancer, who died, although she no longer had cancer. The Father told me, "The doctors were deaf". They didn't ask the Father what to do. Of course, it never entered their minds to ask Him what to do. They may have prayed for her, because people do pray for things, but they didn't ask, then wait to hear what He said. Who do you know that does?

The Holy Spirit warned through the Apostle Paul that the church would be filled with doctrines of demons before Jesus returned, and of course he was right. As we have said in the past, by the Holy Spirit, the number one doctrine of demons in the world today is that JESUS DOESN'T SPEAK. Satan has done everything in his power to separate us from the Father, and from Jesus. He pushes The Bible Alone to the religious, and ignores Jesus to the nonreligious.

The bowls of wrath of the Father are filling up and He is not in a patient mood for mankind's inability to hear Him. Every one of us is responsible for our relationship with our Creator. When I was fourteen I went to the youth pastor of the Assembly of God church that my family attended at the time and I asked him, "Why did God create me? What does He want from me?" and the pastor had nothing to say. Later someone asked him, "What did Charlotte want in her meeting with you?" and he replied, "Oh, she just asked the questions that all teenagers do." When I heard the pastor's reply to my questioning, I turned away. I thought, "If he doesn't have an answer, then I guess there is no point in asking further." Later, when I was 24 and the Father began to speak to me, He rebuked me for turning aside from seeking Him. When I pointed out the pastor's words, the Father said that the pastor was accountable (doubly accountable from a regular person, because he should know better) but that I am accountable for myself. He is the Creator of each one of us and each one of us should ask the heavens, "Is there a God? Who are you? Can I know you? What do you want with my life?" If we did seek Him, believing that He will answer, then He will. This is part of the message that I bear as an apostle from the Father - that each person can know the Father, who made them. Creation itself testifies that there is a Creator. No thinking person can say that there is not a Creator of such an intricate universe. Only the fool says in his heart, "There is no God".

The first words I heard from the Father, at age 24, after an angel spoke to me, and I turned away from the way I was living, were the following: "My daughter, I love you. Ask me what you will." I didn't really understand at the time, but He was making clear that there is no question, no comment, nothing that we cannot take to Him. At that time, after hearing the angel, I sought the Father for three days on my face, and He began to speak to me. He will speak to anyone who seriously seeks Him, who does not offend Him by not believing that He will answer. Why should the Father have to come to our unbelief, when there is an abundance of evidence that He does exist, and that He is our Creator.

The problem with so many people is that they have been influenced by the traditional church, who have put in doctrines and Bible stories for Jesus Himself. They don't speak to Jesus and wait to hear what He says back, and they do not teach the lambs to do this. They believe in the Jesus of the Bible, long dead, and not present to call them on what they do and what they believe. But Jesus is alive, and He speaks and He is the head of the church, though they do not recognize Him, nor hear Him. This means that the Church must do what He says now, not just what He said 2000 years ago. What He said 2000 years ago is as true as what He said 4000 years ago, or 6000 years ago. Jesus is alive and doesn't change. He is without sin, and full of love and He never changes from the loving being He is. He has much to say about the world today and about the enemy and the war that is raging, that He Himself - Jesus - declared in 1990. One of the problems that the Father faces today is that people think they know how He will reply - and what they think is their own religious thoughts. So, if the Father wants to simply speak to them, as one Person to another, they don't recognize it, or don't believe it, or just ignore it, and that is because of what they have been taught to think, based on the lying doctrines of their mortal enemy. Those who believe Jesus is a Friend do sometimes hear His voice, but often only about themselves or the church, and they have a hard time breaking out of the mold of their religious thoughts of what He will or will not say. The Bride must do better than this. She must seek Him and hear Him. Her deafness must end. I see the Father look at me when I write this. Above all else, I must seek Him, for we are all on perilous ground, in this great war. We are opposed by someone who hates the Father with every fiber of their being (how far you are fallen, god of this world!) and who lives for blood and suffering and death. Our every step is opposed, and the world is in grave danger.

And where are you? The Father is calling: deep calls to deep. Will you seek Him, trust Him, believe Him, act on His words and His leading? Will you see the state of the world as terror increases? Will you speak out to others with the truth that we are saying. People today often think they will act on the words of the Prophets and Apostles, but they mean the ones that are safely written down in their Bible. Those prophets and apostles have given a foundation built on Jesus Christ, as they should, but the Father still speaks through prophets and apostles today, as Silvana Lupetti and I can testify. And what has He said to you of the events we describe and of His heart and His nature, and of the nature of the enemy and the deadly events that lie ahead? It is time for those who love Jesus to show the Father that they do love Him and will do anything, even up to death, for Him. To do His will, you must know His will. You must live by every word that proceeds from His mouth, and He is still speaking. To live only by what is written in the past, shows no faith, no trust, no relationship with the Living God who is alive and speaking now. This is not to rebuke you, but for deep to call to deep. Wake up and join the army, for the war is raging around you.

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
March 11, 2006

A brief closing ceremonies video and "the coin"

Here is a brief video of the closing ceremonies, which show the skaters in red and a quick glimpse (towards the end) of the brides:

Also, the next Winter Olympics in 2010 are in Canada. They had three native Canadian Americans who were welcoming people to come to Canada for the next Winter Games. The man who was giving the invitation held up a coin, and said that one was given to every person in the audience. After he did this, Jesus spoke to me. First, He reminded me that I found an old coin when I was a child. It was very old and my father sold it because he needed the money. (14 kids!) Jesus reminded me of finding that coin and He told me that the coin represents each person, just as it did in the parable of Jesus seeking the lost coin. He loves each one of us. The coin was to represent at the Olympics, the love of the Father for each human and the restoration of the world - full of individuals who are loved - to the Father. After Jesus told me this, I went out of my room where I was watching the ceremonies, and there on my counter was a gold coin. I have no idea how it got there. I know it belongs to Jordan because his friend Miss Barbara gave it to him a long time ago, but I hadn't seen it in a long, long time, and I don't know how it got to our house. It has three rings on it (like the Olympics rings, only three rather than five) and it says, "God is faithful". It also said, I Corinthians 10:13 - which is: No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. The whole world is facing a temptation, but God will help us as we look to Him.

A few weeks later, as we have been looking into what happened in Rwanda in 1994, Jesus reminded me of what happened on November 10, 1994. November 10th is the anniversary of the forty day fast that the Father called His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, and I to do in 1989, which we did and were greatly opposed in doing so. On that day, six years later, the angel Gabriel came to our house. Silvana saw him first. He stood by her and she reached out touched him. She said that he was not standing on anything in the natural realm, but he stood on solid ground in the real world, the spiritual world. His feet went through the floor. She said he had wings; soft and beautiful. She put her hand on him and she could feel his wings. He said he had something for us, and he was going to put it on me first so he told me to kneel down and I did. He put around my neck something that looked like a gold necklace with a medallion on it. Then, he put one around Silvana's neck and then he left. We did not know what this meant, but it was holy to have a visit from this honored angel of God. Well, as we were looking into Rwanda, Jesus reminded me of the medallion, and He showed me that it was a coin. This was in Novemeber 1994, just a few months after the 100 days of murder in Rwanda, where the Hutus rose up by Satan's leading and murdered close to a million people, many of whom were hacked to death with machetes. The coin on the necklace from Gabriel was to represent each person who was murdered there, and indeed each person on earth, that faces suffering and death now, because we are at war with a mass murdered. He has killed his millions, and the prophet Silvana said yesterday that he desires to kill his billions.

I had the vision of Satan facing the earth with a malevolent look on his face, desiring to do to the earth what he did in Rwanda, and it is serious. We face deadly peril, especially from nuclear, biological, chemical weapons. Before I post about the wrath of the Father (especially about what happened in Rwanda and the indifference and inaction of the world) I post now about the coin, to remind us all that this is how we are viewed by the Father above all else: with tender love, for each of us. We are safe. We have eternity with Him and we know it. What about the coins in your neighborhood? How can you remind them that Jesus loves them? Do they have a free picture of Jesus? Have they seen THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST? Reach out with love, before the Father's judgment comes and before Jesus calls us away.

The coin, the Olympics being at Turin, are signs from God. No, they are not in the Bible. The Jews in Jesus' day had the Old Testament, so they rejected Jesus when He came, even as the New Testament was happening right before their eyes. Many people today are blind to what the Father is doing, because they have the Old and the New Testament. They cling to what they can see, or what is preached in their church, but they are deaf to their Creator, though He gave them example after example in the Scriptures of His speaking and His signs, and He gives them signs now. Now is the time to believe, and to hear, and to act. The Holy Spirit is near with supernatural power for those who love Jesus enough to seek Him about what is being revealed in this day and hour, before the greatest turmoil ever comes on earth, and before the Bridegroom comes to earth. God bless you as you talk to Him for yourself. You are a coin; Jesus would go far to bring you to a place of believing in Him, that He does speak, and that you can know Him. Then go and bring others to believe the same, and He will back up your words by signs and wonders from His Holy Spirit.

Closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics 2006 and more

I had a very powerful dream last night. I dreamt that there were nuclear missiles whizzing around and we were trying to see what we could do to stop them. Nations were getting jumping and we kept sending cables that it was okay for the moment, and then another one would pass by and we would try and stop it. To stand up against the nuclear missiles was suicide, but it would save the lives of others. I dreamt of steel arrows that Satan would shoot into anyone who moved, who was doing anything that was right or good. I tried to step out and a steel arrow went through my leg to pin me down. I pulled it out and tried to reach out and an arrow pierced my arm, to pin me down.When I woke up the Holy Spirit said that the times are serious and the war against Satan is fully engaged.

I tried to make a tv show about the things that the Father has been showing lately (particularly about Rwanda, but also about the Olympics closing cermemony and about mankind being deaf) and the microphone wouldn't work, and the lights didn't work right, so it didn't come out well. We can only borrow the cameras at certain times. We need a tv camera or a good camcorder that uses mini-dvs. Will you ask the Father to provide those for us? While you praying for that, please pray for John Foshee to get a new computer. He can buy one at Wal-mart for $500, but he only has $135 for it so far, and no income, except for a very small one that he uses to care for his grandchildren. Contact us if you want to help him out, and you know that we always need your help to go on with the work we are doing for Jesus, especially as we process the 90,000 pictures of Jesus. We want to order 90,000 more pictures as soon as we can. The Holy Spirit told us to process 1000 a day, three times a week, and we are doing that. It takes a fair amount of concentration and work, but we rejoice in this service to Jesus. Your help is always appreciated and needed.

The Father said that He would be at the Winter Olympics 2006, and why wouldn't He be, considering they were being held at the City of Turin, Italy, where the Shroud of Turin is kept? All the nations gathered before Him, and He honored two who had recently chosen government leaders who want to ally with America (also among the top three nations) in the war on evil. The closing ceremonies were inspired by Him. (Get a copy of them from a movie store if you can. We have them recorded and maybe we could make a copy for you if you can't find them anywhere else.) The theme was: THE PASSION IS HERE, and yes it is there, in the Shroud of Turin, which was around Jesus' body when He brought Himself back to life, as illustrated by THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. To show the future, at the ceremony they had 400 brides (400 is the number for the whole world - the 4 corners of the earth) carrying lamps, shaped like lilies, which the Father was using to show the times: the bride from all over the earth needs to make herself ready: does she hear Jesus voice and is she doing His will? They had a wind machine, which would lift a person (or two) up as though they were flying: this represents following the Holy Spirit. Italy was to represent us (remnant - believers) because they have the Shroud there, and because they are patriotic. They won the final medal, a gold medal. They won five gold medals (five being the remnant) out of a total of eleven (11 being the hour - the 11th hour - war) and the man who won the gold medal received it around his neck by his sister, who was on the committee to award it, because she was a prior medal winner. The Father said that this represents the rising up of those who follow in our footsteps: people in the world that we give pictures of Jesus to, now it it their turn to stand for Him. He will move among them by His Holy Spirit, who will lead them in our footsteps, which is of love and service to Jesus. A nine year old girl (nine is the number of fruit for Jesus, just as we got 90,000 pictures of Jesus recently) sang the Italian nationaly anthem at the beginning of the Olympics. To illustrate the theme (THE PASSION IS HERE) they had skaters in red, with flames coming out behind them. We are all covered in blood, and shouldn't we have flames, as we show the presence of the Holy Spirit by what we say and do, led by Him? I asked the Father about the clown theme that they used throughout the ceremony (clown noses for the athletes etc.) It seemed so silly, but fun. He told me that the theme of clowns is like clowns at a rodeo. Something serious is happening (the war: in the rodeo it is sometimes that a bullrider or other athlete is being attacked by the animal) and the clowns are a relief to so much serious fighting and standing. You watch them with the Holy Spirit. We would be happy to hear anything He says to you.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Satan has been a murderer from the beginning. As the Father pointed out, in our own recent history, in 1994, Satan stirred up the Hutus in the nation of Rwanda to murder almost a million people in 100 days. Many of them were hacked to pieces with machetes. We have printed information about the murders in Rwanda and it is those papers that the Father told us to burn on Easter Day, 2006, as He remembers and honors all the murdered of the whole world, as described below by His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti.

Char Tierney


The Father spoke to me tonight. He said that Easter Day, April 16th, 2006, would be called "The Day of the Murdered". On that day we here are to burn the words of the enemy which have incited all murders. The enemy is behind every murder, from the beginning with Cain, to this hour. The burning, while symbolic, is the Father's acknowledgement of every one who has been murdered. He knows their names and is their Witness.

I saw them gathered, and then I saw the Father, dressed in white as they are, walking into their midst. Jesus is the Father's heart. He was murdered and they were murdered. Many are joining their ranks in this time of tribulation and death. Easter Day is the day we remember Jesus, who rose from being murdered. The Father forgets no one, and stands in the midst of the murdered as one of them, and He is saying, "the hour is coming quickly when your call, and your cries and the shedding of your blood will be answered".

I saw the Father's heart; He is carrying the names of all those who have perished at the hands of murder. As the war against evil increases, more names are added to His heart. He carries this burden until the day comes when justice will be fulfilled in all things.

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
March 6th, 2006