Thursday, July 07, 2005


Greetings in Jesus' name. In our last post, nineteen days ago, on June 19th (nineteen is the number of war), WHERE WE ARE IN THE WAR, Silvana said by the Holy Spirit, "The enemy prepares a major strike". This attack in London is the strike about which the Father was warning through His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti. Silvana told me earlier today that when she saw the enemy's plans, she saw multiple strikes, which is exactly what happened in England.

The Father is warning us and showing us how things look from His perspective. On June 29, 2005, Char Tierney saw a vision from the Father. She saw the Father sitting on a bench on the edge of the heavenlies. He said to her, "Come up here". Suddenly she saw herself standing by the bench and she sat down. As she looked out from the bench over the earth, she could see down below in the distance, the enemy's camp up over the earth. Then, on the earth, she saw a plain. The Father commented, "I have a higher vantage point than the enemy". On the plain, she saw a being that looked like a shark. It had its mouth open, and jagged teeth were showing. Before it was a fish, which it was pursuing. Today, the Father reminded Char of that vision, and He said that the fish represents people: the people that we are striving to reach as we become fishers of men for Jesus' sake. The shark was Satan, who is striving with all his might to kill mankind, whether they are in England, or America, or Jordan, or Iraq, or in your neighborhood. It is war on every level: global, national, state-wide and right to our very doors, seeking to destroy our neighbors, seeking to kill our children. It is war over humanity.

The Father has moved swiftly today to get some pictures of Jesus into London. Therese Cooper had to go to the store and while there, she asked a woman who works at the store if she knew about the attacks. The woman said, "Yes, I do. My son is in London and he just called me to say he is okay. He was going to take the subway (where some of the attacks occured) but he was not ready to leave yet, so he was home when the blasts happened." Therese asked her if she would like some pictures to give to her son in London and she immediately said, "Yes, I would". Therese gave her a package with pictures to send to her son, and she said she is going to send them by global priority mail, so they will arrive quickly. Thank you, Father, and help the people of England, and all the people of Europe, to stand together against this evil that has struck them.

We also are sending pictures of Jesus today (and the movie, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST) into the nation of Jordan, a Muslim nation in the Middle East. The enemy strikes and through the Father we are striking back, and what we have to offer brings eternal life and hope and freedom forever, and is the truth itself, and the Creator and and Lover and Judge of both those murdered, and the murderers themselves. We look to You in this war, Father, and we pray for the families of those who were killed in London today.

(A few moments ago, as Silvana was asking the Father to bring justice to the murderers of the Egyptian Ambassador that was kidnapped and then killed today in Iraq, she saw the vision that I saw: she saw a fish with a shark behind with open mouth, then she saw a larger shark with its mouth open, right behind the first shark. The larger shark is the Father.)

In Jesus, for whose sake the war against evil rages,

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
July 7, 2005

The Father said, "The enemy prepares a major strike"

The enemy has attacked the innocent in England. The Father will make this backfire. How much the enemy loves to kill! Let all mankind open their eyes to the true nature of the war, of terror, of the enemy, and let them stand together for one another and for an end to murder.

From the last post to our mailing list - WHERE WE ARE IN THE WAR:

"The prophets of the Father gather
To oppose this weapon of the enemy
To thrust their swords into the mouths of the naysayers

Headway is being made by the Father
The enemy prepares a major strike"

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
June 19, 2005

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Welcome to LILY ANNE, beautiful daughter of Felicia and Richard

We have a new member of the family of faith! Today at 2:13 pm, Miss Lily Anne Dennis came into this world. Jesus was with Felicia (Lily's mother) the whole time and helped her through the labor, which was induced. Silvana called Felicia at one point and her husband Ricard answered the phone. Silvana asked Jesus to bring the baby soon, and Richard prayed with her. The baby was born about ten minutes later! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Father! God bless you, little girl. Welcome to the Father's kingdom. He is filled with love for you!