Saturday, November 24, 2007

The power comes from Jesus

This morning when I woke up I saw Jesus right by me so I reached out to Him in the spirit and I put my arms around Him. I said, "Jesus, help me today to do what will please the Father. Help me to do something to help Him." As Jesus put His arms around me, I suddenly thought, "Oh, the Holy Spirit promised that power is coming. He will help me to do the Father's will".
Suddenly, I saw an electrical cord. It looked like a Christmas electrical cord that can be attached to another so the lights run end to end. Then I saw Jesus, and He was the Master Cord. I could plug myself into Him and He would be the power source that I was relying on.
What a wonderful analogy from Jesus. We don't need to rely on ourselves, on our own power. He is here, ready to help us when we need Him. Thank you Jesus.