Saturday, September 02, 2006

The new website is posted!

We have the new website posted! By the Holy Spirit, we posted the site at nine in the evening on 9-01-06. The Father said in the morning, "It is 9-1, the beginning (the number 1) of nine." Nine is the number that is used to represent man with fruit: evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Fruit is lives changed. Fruit is obedience to the Father, and a relationship with Him. Nine is human beings standing against evil because they know the truth and will not leave it. The world, with America in the lead, will be forced to stand, because Satan will bring the fight to us. He is filled with murderous rage.
When Silvana was crying out to the Father against Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela) the other night, I saw the Father respond to her. I saw Him stand up as she was crying out to Him, and say something to a troop of angels who were there. Immediately they got up and left, and I believe they were being sent to Venezuela.
I can see by the Holy Spirit that plans against America are being made "behind our back". It is from the Father that Fidel Castro is not at full strength right now. Although he doesn't wield much power world-wide, he is strategically situated to cause harm to us. If he was well, he would be an avid plotter against us. There are treacherous plans against America being made, some of which will cause us great harm. However, the victory is certain. No one can overcome us, for the Father is with us and He will fight for us, and He will defend Israel. The battles ahead will usher in the return of Jesus.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Iran cracks down on women's dress

United Press International - NewsTrack - Iran cracks down on women's dress

THIS is what our war against terror is about: freedom for all. A sixteen year old girl in Iran was executed because of "crimes against chastity" although there is some question as to the truthof the accusations, since apparently she was raped. Look and see how others in the world suffer, and support our soldiers as they stand for freedom for men and women and children all over the world.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A dream and an email

Praise the Lord Apostle Charlotte Tierney, This is Matthew. I wanted you to interpret for me this dream because it inspired me so much in my Spirit. I got a dream when I was standing in the big field holding a lot of Jesus pictures in my hand, then I saw a multitude of people coming close to me shouting, then instantly the Power of God lifted me up in the space above their heights. I found myself bending down in the space supplying them Jesus pictures, when I have a very long hand giving them. They were squeezed, fighting while putting up their hands to get pictures, so in that process I heard their voices: some saying "And me too", others saying "And me give me too". After that operation I saw some one snapping me with the people, in that state of receiving Jesus pictures. Immediately I saw that snap but when its so beautiful. I wake out of the dream. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

What a wonderful dream! Thank you, Father for this dream. The dream is about the days ahead and what is true in the Spirit. The free pictures of Jesus are a tool for the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus to many, many people and they will want them. It is the Holy Spirit who is with us to give them out. This is why He lifted you up - into the spiritual realm, to show you were in Him - to give them. People need the pictures, they need Jesus. The field is the field of earth. We often dream of this field also, as Jordan Cooper dreamt recently. It is where there is a battle raging between God and Satan over mankind and the pictures are a wonderful tool in God's hands.

It is clear that the Father wants us all to give out the free pictures of Jesus, all over the world. Contact us for free pictures of Jesus, or contact us for information about ordering pictures from the printer for yourself. 5000 pictures costs approximately $500, plus shipping. For that price, the printer prints the pictures on card stock, puts a sealant on them, and cuts the pictures into individual pictures. The more you purchase at one time, the better the price is per picture.

Once you start to give out the pictures, the Holy Spirit will draw near so He can lead you (in your thoughts about what to do with them - give ideas, and in where you go - timing to bring you across people that the angels have arranged to be in your path) then, you will start to hear Him clearer because He is so near.

He will help you to start to recognize His voice more and more, so you can serve Him with joy, and develop a deeper and deeper relationship with Him. I can tell you, that the foundation of the relationship is Him: and He loves the world. Sometimes we get sidetracked into thinking that it is all based on the fact that He loves us. That He loves us is solid and eternal and we can trust Him totally with that, but if we put ourselves before the world, then we don't really have a realistic view of Him and who He is. He has a world to save. The war on terror is part of the global fight for the sake of the world. When we win this war, it will be over. Jesus will have returned, and how wonderful that will be! Isn't it amazing and scary to see Israel in such danger? And America facing danger too. We know this was foretold and we can see events unfold that were described thousands of years ago, but it would be very unnerving if it wasn't that the Father is behind it all, and that Jesus WILL return.

Welcome to Amina ABAYO Ruth

Hi! Char, Therese and Silvana,
I am so glad to greet you today and telling you about the day! The baby is right now named. Many children came and gave different names it was good! some said about Gail, Christiana, Didi, Mimi, Mami and so others but the name of baby now are Amina ABAYO Ruth! Amina means Amen like in Bible.
ABAYO deeperly means (God knows his people) as it written in the holy Bible in 2 Timothy 2: 19a I remember when I was praying in the night of 3 July 2006 I heard a special voice telling me "I AM TOGETHER WITH YOU"and I could not understand! Now I could understand the voice of that voice. God knows us we his people! The name ABAYO! About RUTH it is fantastic! Very good name of loyality and many blessings I have read about RUTH. How she was loyal and humble and lovely attached to her mother in law Naomi after their father in law death and their husbands' but after it was blessing for her!! Thank you Father for this name! We thank you a lot! The children have taken Jesus' pictures and some of their mothers did so! they were so happy with Jesus Pictures! We thank you for this work!
Pastor Jean

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good news in Rwanda

Photos of pastor and family

We have been exchanging emails with a pastor in Rwanda to whom we sent free pictures of Jesus. His name is Pastor Mirihou Jean de Dieu. He takes the free pictures of Jesus around in Rwanda, and he also travels in the Congo. He gives pictures of Jesus to orphanages and prisons and hospitals and to others, and he shares he film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. During our email exchanges it came out that his rent had not been paid for nine months. We immediately began to ask Jesus to help him and his family. Every time we prayed for him, I would see his wife and I could feel her deep concern over the situation. We all prayed for her and for the whole family. A short time later we heard from him that someone had paid three months rent for them. Oh, how we rejoiced in Jesus!

8/6/06 - Hello Char ! I greet you in Jesus name and Therese too! I began to distribute pictures and DVDs more than 2500 pictures and 6 dvds have been already given to Christians in different churches and areas! Now I collaborate with the Samaritan's Purse which is charged of evangelism in hospitals. I give them pictures and they use them in evangelism. I also have as my target the secondary schools. I gave pictures to 2 colleges here in KIGALI! In some minutes I was with Pastor Francis (of Kigali, Rwanda) He told me that he needs more pictures and dvds. I praise the Lord, there is some one who paid me 3 months for rent but 6months are still heavy to me, continue to pray for me.God bless you!

This left him owing for six months, so we asked him how much the rent is per month. He replied that it costs $25 US dollars per month. Shortly after this, his landlord began to threaten him because of the remaining balance due to him. We took the threats seriously, because we know the great danger coming from Satan's anger. This week, two more people who support OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES have had family members in car accidents. No one was hurt in either case, because Jesus acted to protect, but danger was real, and that makes us very serious as we pray for people everywhere.

8/15/06 - Dear Char! I would like to present you this last week report. I could visit 2 orphanages and I gave to them 700 pictures of Jesus with 2 Dvds. They rejoice pictures of Jesus but they have not DVD player and video. They told me that they will try to see somebody who can rent them video but they are not sure. I am thankful for your prayers I am still waiting for the Lord's will. The owner of the house is not still patient he badly threatened me last friday but the people who were there told him to wait as he did before . He accepted unwillingly but I don't know how I will come out of this situation! I am there by prayers! God bless you!

We continued to go to Jesus for help for this brother and his family, and someone gave $200 to OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES, so we were able to use it to send to this Pastor to pay his rent! Jesus is so great! We sent the money by Western Union. (Which took some for the processing fee) Here is an email we received after the money arrived in Rwanda.

8/23/06 - Hi! Char I am very happy today! The nice day for me! You know the day I received money we have a new baby in our family? Her name will be....? I tell you that day of the 21st august at 23:52 at the Hospital we have a new baby ! We were waiting for with fear because my wife was sick from malaria for several times even she was pregnant! The day we received money we received baby from God's hands! Praise to him! My family problems were resolved at one day! The rent paid! we are ok! Next I'll send you pictures of baby with family. God bless you - you prayed for us and you helped us! the whole team of operation Jesus Pictures, God bless you!

That is so wonderful. They received the money the very day the baby was born! After the baby was born, Silvana Lupetti, the prophet of the Father in the United States, heard the Father say, "Name the baby Ruth". She wrote to Pastor Jean and told him what she heard the Father say and asked him to ask the Father about it. We received this beautiful email:

8-27-06 Dears in Christ! I am still thankful and I am so glad to send you these pictures of our new little girl with the family. As I have told you it was not easy for a mummy who was sick almost every month from malaria ,but we praise the Lord we have a normal child and her mother had no operation at the hospital the most important our rent problem was resolved the same day! I hope that the future can be for blessings to me and challenges are being resolved inch by inch now it is good news: we have a new little girl she is 6 days old. She was born on 21st in the night at 23:52! we are praising the Lord because to have get a new baby without difficulties at the hospital it is something to praise the ALMIGHTY. The baby is normal and her mother had not any operation. After tomorrow the baby will be named. The 1st name is Ruth and I will inform you about the day! I love you and Jesus loves you so much for all you do in his work!.God bless you all.

We are resolved to continue to help this pastor and his family. We know we have a donation coming by mail this week and we are going to send it to Pastor Jean to pay more rent. If you would like to join us in providing for this servant of God, who is giving out the free pictures of Jesus in Rwanda, let us know, and we will give you his email so you can talk to him about it directly, or we will accept donations marked especially for Pastor Jean in Rwanda and send them on.

After Silvana wrote to the pastor, the Father showed her something about this name: Ruth represents loyalty. Ruth in the Bible was loyal to Naomi, her mother in law. She took the God of the Jews as her own God, and followed Naomi back to her homeland of Israel. The Father showed how Pastor Jean has been loyal to the Father, traveling around for the sake of the gospel, loyal to the Father and His will.

The Holy Spirit also showed me that the timing of the naming of this baby is a sign from Him to show what is happening in the Spirit. There is a question in the air, in the Spirit, between the Father and Satan. It is about loyalty to the Father. Pastor Jean has demonstrated it, in the face of troubles and opposition. He has trusted the Father and continued to go forward. The rent that was owed was for nine months (which is the same amount of time they were expecting the baby) and then, after months of trust and faith, the Father provided. His loyalty to the Father was justified.

This morning the reporter and camera man from FoxNews who had been kidnapped in the Gaza Strip were released, after being held at gunpoint and "converting" to Islam. This is a shallow and hollow victory for Satan, because no civilized nation can take seriously the validity of a conversion under such circumstances, but he gloated over this, and will tout it to his followers. He wants to portray people not willing to stand for the Father. How foolish. How little He understands. The Holy Spirit does not condemn the reporters, who acted according to what they felt would be best for their families. The enemy is not taking into account that a time is coming where every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that is not a coerced bowing, but one of respect and acknowledgement. RUTH represents willing loyalty, out of love.

The Jews have been loyal to the Father for thousands of years. They could have been assimilated into the world, into the nations, but they have remained loyal to their heritage, refusing to disavow the fact that they are Jewish, because the Father said that they are His people. They are honored for this loyalty.

So, the testing in the spiritual realm will continue and we will watch and see how it plays out before the world. Remember to pray for one another. Loyalty to the Father means loyalty to His people, who love Him, who are doing His will.