Saturday, June 18, 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005

Post sent to our mailing list: What will you do for Jesus?

Greetings in Jesus' name.

We can hardly describe how powerful it was to stand in the presence of the Father and many angels, looking at the satellite dishes at the Very Large Array, and to realize that they will be the first things to recognize and track the return of Jesus. It will be the story of the hour, on all the news stations. At first, they will think it is a comet or an unknown object coming towards the earth, but once He arrives all mankind will know that Jesus is here and with Him, the New Jerusalem. What a day that will be.

As we were traveling on our trip to the VLA, the Father showed us to make packets to give out. Each packet has one tract, JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and two of the stringed pictures of Jesus, which has our contact information on the back, so people can call and request more pictures. Since we arrived home we have been making as many pictures and tracts as we can, and putting them together in packets in ziploc bags. We make them so they can be hung on a doorknob, if Jesus says to leave many in a neighborhood. (We also are still working on the thousand requests that remain to be filled and mailed.)

We are acting on His will. We make the pictures of Jesus, we are making the tracts, we are ready to go out in His name. What will you do for Jesus? What does He want you to do to help us? If you ask Him, He will show you.

As we were discussing this today, Therese Cooper spoke by the Holy Spirit, "What will you do for Jesus? It is not about us (about the people at OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES) but about Jesus Himself. Jesus said that now is the time for the message of 'Jesus is alive and knows your name'. It is time to put it out there, because the people are ready to hear and they need to hear. This is what Jesus wants. Where are you in what He wants? Are you busy going to the church that He will spit out of His mouth? Do you care about what He cares about? The signers of the Declaration of Independance pledged everything they had; their money, their reputation, their lives, everything they had. You live in a free country because of them. They did not do it just for themselves and their families, they did it for others. All of us that live in this country now have the freedom for which they fought, for which they sacrificed everything."

"Isn't it great to ask Jesus for help and then He does help? What about those who don't know that Jesus is real and will help them? What are you willing to do for them? Will you be like the church who wants blessing for themselves and their families but don't care about the ones who are in pain over what is happening in their lives. They don't know that Jesus loves them, but you do. I see Jesus weeping over them. What will you do for them? What will you do for Jesus?"

Here is what is needed:
Laminate pouches ($24 per box of 100 sheets)
Paper ($23 per case of 5000 sheets)
Ink for color printer - HP #56, #57
Cartridge for laserjet printer (for printing tracts) - HP C3903A
Cases of ziploc bags ($24 for 2000 bags)
Laptop ($285 - already ordered)
GPS tracking system
Phone Batteries ($65-$70)
Organizer for RV to hold phones etc ($20)
Gas for the RV
Minor repairs for the RV - $100
Stamps (we have packages filled with pictures, waiting for postage to be mailed)

In Jesus, our Savior, whom we love,

Therese Cooper
Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
June 17, 2005

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Praying for provision

We have been making packets of pictures for Jesus. In each packet (a ziploc sandwich bag) we put one tract: JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and two stringed pictures of Jesus, with our contact info on the back. We put a loop of the string out of the bag so it can be hung from a doorknob if we cover a neighborhood, but it remains waterproof. This list is a needs list that we are bringing before Jesus, to ask Him to provide for more packets, and also as we prepare to go out again into the highways and byways. Please join us in praying for these needs, and for other needs at OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES. Posted by Hello