Friday, July 28, 2006


SILVANA: The Father will bring Israel to Jesus Himself. David will come to lead people back to praise. He still sings, but now He always sings of Jesus, the Messiah. A song echoes; it reverberates. The song that he sings will reverberate through the spiritual realm and they will feel it. The star of David is in their flag. They know that David always trusted and loved the Father.

CHAR: I saw the Father standing and fighting. He was surrounded by Jews. They were holding on to his legs like children. He was fighting for them, and He was singing. I saw Him put His hands gently on them, and then go back to fighting.

CHAR: Early this morning I was praying for Israel, especially for the people in the cities in the north of Israel. As I was praying for them, I saw them by the Holy Spirit. I realized that they face two things that the enemy is pushing on them to their minds and feelings, even as their lives are being attacked by the rockets. One thing is fear. They are afraid that Hezballah is going to get its hands on chemical weapons, and that the next rocket that hits might have torturous death for them and their families. They try to be brave (and they are incredibly courageous) but they can't help but be afraid, and Satan pushes fear at them with every passing moment. I remember the Holy Spirit saying to me one time that when Satan attacks in war, that you would not only suffer the attack in the natural realm (the bombs) but that you will feel it in the spirit. And now we see that being played out before our eyes in Israel. Two people died of a heart attack in Israel today, during bomb attacks. This also was foretold, "People's hearts will fail them for fear". PRAY FOR ISRAEL, our brothers and sisters, whom we love.

The second weapon that Satan pulls out of his arsenal is guilt. When you feel guilty, you are weakened. We know these tactics. You and I, and all who love Jesus, know what it is to feel afraid. We know what it is to feel guilty, because we have been targeted by Satan ourselves, but not while we were in danger of our lives. Here is how he has used the guilt: the Jews have an agreement among themselves. Whenever they have been attacked by suicide bombers, as they so frequently have been in the past, they have tried to go on with their lives, because they have not wanted their enemies to have a victory by bringing death and disrupting their lives. They have tried to continue the same policy in the war. But it is impossible to go on with your life when your life is threatened and your house is blown up around you, or your business is destroyed, or you and your family must live in a bomb shelter. So, they feel guilty, as though they are letting the government and the rest of Israel down. Oh, they are not!

The U.N., said the Father, has failed Israel. The UN passed a resolution (I believe it was #1559) that Hezballah would disarm, but Hezballah instead built up its arms, and threatened and attacked Israel, while the UN stood by and did nothing. The Father showed me that the whole world may fail Israel, but He will not. He is their defender and He is fighting for them. Their Defender will bring the ultimate victory.

The Father told us to raise the flag of Israel on their Sabbath. They are at war. They cannot rest, so He told us to keep the Sabbath for them, and to raise the flag on that day.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Early this morning, I was crying out to Jesus, Jesus the hope of the world, Jesus, the Savoir of every man and woman. Jesus came really close. I laid on the floor and all I could do was weep in His Presence, weep before Him, calling His name, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" over and over and over. I thought of how much grief He bears over our sin, and over the enemy and all his lies, and all the pain on the earth and suffering there is. I told Him, "I don’t think I could bear even 1% of the grief You bear". He said to me, "You could bear some", but oh, how much grief He does bear, and has borne and I just kept thinking how deep His grief is. And I felt a little of the weight of His grief, and remembered, He is a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me something so refreshing, so beautiful. He showed me the healing that Jesus Himself brings and will bring to the earth, and He said it will be like there was never any enemy, never any evil, like nothing had ever happened since the fall of mankind. I could feel in my spirit, deeply, a change, a deep restoration and I could feel mankind, as a whole, restored to the Father, close to the Father, just a breath away from Him. He said a word to me, "Restoration" I could feel from Him what that means, how DEEP it is, He will change everything back to the way it was before Eve ate fruit and Adam took with her, and fell, before one lie was spoken to mankind, and all will be restored back into the way the Father always intended for our relationship to be with Him. And JESUS Himself is that restoration. He restores us directly back to the Father, the way it was in the garden, before mankind fell. Jesus is the restoration.

Felicia Dennis
July 26, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2 news links from inside Israel

Here is a link to a page where you can get video news directly from Israel: Here is a link to the DEBKA FILE, which is available in English and Hebrew.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Another letter and a sign from the Father

Recently, in mid-July, Silvana saw a raven with its beak held shut. We posted about this on the blog earlier: Silvana saw a raven and his beak was tied shut. He can peck at the seed but he cannot take it. A few nights ago, Therese got a phone call from Yvonne, who is stringing pictures of Jesus for us. Yvonne said that she got home with the pictures and she was getting ready to string them and suddenly she noticed a demon in her house. The demon spoke to her and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have anything to do with those pictures. The people just want your money". Well, it is pretty hard to believe a demon when the Holy Spirit makes him visible to you. Yvonne told the demon to leave in Jesus' name and he did and did not come back. Then, she went on to string the pictures of Jesus with joy. (In fact, she and her family have already strung the first package of 350 that we gave to her. Now she is requesting 1000 more pictures to string.) But look! What Silvana saw in the Spirit is true! The enemy, the raven, haD his beak tied shut. He was not able to steal the good seed that was with Yvonne as she went about preparing the pictures of Jesus for others. THANK YOU, FATHER! THANK YOU, JESUS!

We received an earnest letter from a believer: What shall we do to get to that point where we can talk to the Father? I've been trying for a long time but to no avail. Can you help. What are the steps to the Father?

Here is Char Tierney's reply: He hears you, Brother. He hears you and He will talk to you. Just trust Him and don't try to think of what He will say. Just relax and wait on Him by talking to Him about everything around you and as you continue to trust Him and look to Him, you will start to hear His voice with your spirit.

At first you may wonder if you imagined hearing Him, because He is invisible and because you cannot see your spirit. Don't worry. He is able to make Himself understood. Just keep on talking to Him with love, and trusting Him and as time passes you will be able to distinguish when He is speaking to you. Sometimes you will wake up and see clearly things you have asked Him about. This comes from the Holy Spirit. Other times, you will hear Jesus' voice, especially when you look at one of the anointed pictures of Him. (Seeing Him in the picture also comes from the Holy Spirit.) You will feel His presence more strongly some times than others, but He will always be there, listening to you and replying on an ongoing basis, and through this, you will get to know Him better and better, and be His friend, as Abraham was and is his friend.

The Father told me that if people want to know Him, they will get to know Him, for He will make it possible. The thing for us to do is to keep seeking Him, talking to Him always, and leave the rest to Him, with all our trust.

Don't be discouraged, dear friend. He sees how you have called out to Him in the past. Continue to trust Him, and press in even more, by talking to Him more and more. I hope that you have a day set aside to be with Him once a week, in the green outdoors if possible, where you can be quietly in His presence, and be refreshed from the many problems that arose during the week. This weekly meeting with Him, backs up our daily seeking of Him and refreshes our spirit. When you wake up in the morning, first thing seek Him out by saying hello and waiting quietly in His presence. Sometimes I go to Him in the morning. I quietly sit before Him and look to Him for anything He wants to say of the day. Often He doesn't answer right then (sometimes He does) but as the day passes, the Holy Spirit draws near and shows me whatever response the Father wants to give to me coming to His presence. He will show me events on the battlefield on earth, or truths about myself, or others, or the spiritual realm, such as activities or plans of Satan. There is no limit to the topics that the Father will talk about with you, as we look to Him to guide us in everything.

Let me know how it is going, dear Brother. He really will talk to you. Abraham was just a person, a man like you. The Father talked to him. This is the type of relationship that the Father wants with you. Don't worry about the many doctrines and ideas of what Jesus will or won't say (as though He talks always of the church) but just let Him be Himself, our Friend and Savior, God Almighty.

God bless you.

In Jesus' love,
Char Tierney

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Yesterday Silvana was in the Spirit and she heard the word (name) JOSIAH. Josiah was a king of Israel, who became king at the age of eight, and was a good king before the Father. He brought Israel back to the Father. An interesting fact about him is that he died at Megiddo, which is another name for Armaggedon, the place of the final battles as Jesus returns. So, we see Josiah in the Bridge, being built by the Father. Joshiah worshipped the Father, and brought Israel back to the Father, and his end was at Armageddon. We are so close to the return of Jesus! What are you doing to accomplish His will?


Today the prophet Silvana heard the Father say the following, "I WILL MAKE OF ISRAEL A TENT OF FRIENDSHIP FROM BORDER TO BORDER".

No wonder that any nation that does not come up to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles after Jesus returns will get no rain. The Father is reaching out to the whole world. Jesus will return and be found in Israel, and all will be welcome to come to Him as a friend. The Feast of Tabernacles will be a gathering of joy and trust in Jesus, and fellowship together, just as is found in a tent of friendship. And those who reject that, will find themselves without rain, just as the Father said. And how right that is, and how symbolically perfect for what they do to themselves. Without rain - water from the Holy Spirit - we are dry and without fruit.

The Father is building the bridge (as Silvana has been talking about) by Himself. He puts the stones together and each stone has a name on it. One name is that of King David. When you think of David, you think of his deep love for the Father, coupled with the praise that flowed from him concerning the Father. Silvana saw David and the spirit of worship for the Father. In order for anyone to truly worship the Father, they must know Him. David knew Him. He understood the goodness of God, and His love and His strength and His ever-present help, and He sang beautiful, powerful songs to Him and about Him. Now, He sings songs of Jesus.

We bought a flag of Israel, which we should receive this next week, so we can fly it in the back by the arbor with our American flag. We stand with Israel. We were reading online about the origins of the flag, and we read that in 1895, as there was a Zionist movement to return to Israel, that the question of a flag came up. They say that a man took off his prayer shawl with its stripes and said, "We have a flag". They took the stripes on the shawl, and added the star of David (based on the six sided shield of King David) to the middle. So, as we fly the Israeli flag, we will think of it as a prayer shawl, waving before the Father, taking to Him our prayers for the nation whose fate lies in His hands, whose citizens are the apple of His eye. God bless Israel, and God bless America.

Seeing the Father and war

I saw the Father on Friday (July 21, 2006) and I saw Satan. They were standing facing each other on a level surface, which seemed to be near the ground. I saw thoughts and ideas in the air between them. There were thoughts of Israel and of people on earth and what they think, where they have been deceived and where they believe the truth. I saw the question as to how much power Satan actually has: what can he make people do? I saw WAR in the air, then I saw the Father gesture towards Himself with the fingers on each hand, and He said to Satan, "Bring it".

Then, I saw the Father lean in and He put His head almost touching Satan's head. Satan leapt away, almost as though he had been burned. He began flinging himself around, and I could see that he wanted to pound his head to get out of it the thoughts that the Father had put in his head while their heads were so close. What the Father put into Satan's head is the truth. The truth about Satan. The truth about the war. The truth about Israel. The truth about why Satan has such power over man. (He has power because each person's own sin and flesh and lack of looking into the spiritual realm, which leaves one blind. Even if one does see, you must have the Holy Spirit to show you what you are seeing and what it means.)

Satan cannot now escape the thoughts, although he will continually push them to the back of his head. But all around him, won't the demons see that the Father has greatly affected him? Won't they ask him, "What did the Father say?" The liar - the king of liars - can lie to them, but they will be able to see his thoughts if they look, for they are already in the spiritual realm. They (demons) have followed Satan for so long, and they have spent millennia not looking for the truth and not challenging him. It was (is) very dangerous to even question him, let alone challenge him. Like any tyrant he is snarling and short tempered and murderous and psychotically hostile to any perceived threat of treachery. As the prophet, Silvana Lupetti says, "Stalin and Hitler and Saddam Hussein, and other mass murderers who have taken power by fear and terror are like Satan. They savor their power, while fearing those who surround him."


There is war now between the earth and Satan, and fortunately for us, between the Father and Satan. We are facing the Murderer who murdered from the beginning. From the beginning means that as long as there has been man on earth, there has been a murderer walking among us, invisible, silently plotting our murders, our torment, our suffering, our grief, our downfall, our separation from the Father. Above all, with twisted, cruel pleasure (and victory in his mind) our deaths.

The enemy has been a murderer forever, so he will murder. He will lie and he will kill. Fear and grief will be weapons in his hands, that he will wield with great experience. Feelings will be greatly heightened as he moves among the people of the earth. Thoughts will abound as he suggests wicked ideas to minds all over the earth. He has laid the groundwork well. For the Father to seek to capture Satan is like Israel trying to enter Hezbollah country. It is heavily mined. There are minds among the Muslims who believe that Israel should be annihilated. There are minds among the communists that resent the United States and would like to usurp her position as world leader. There are minds among the enemies of America, who live within America, who would like to see her fall. They want democracy to fail, for personal sour reasons and they are active in their actions.

Yesterday, the New York Times published a story that outlined what Israel and America wlll do next. It offered up the information that America is rushing weapons to Israel, a story designed to inflame the followers of Hezbollah amd other anti-Israel forces. It will push them to provide more weapons to Israel's foes. This was an obvious outcome to the story, but the New York Times chose to run the story because they are against America and against Israel. Satan is behind their pride and stubborn refusal to put the safety of America, and now the safety of Israel, on the table. They lie when they claim to care about freedom. They lie when they claim to care about America. He is a liar, and liars are in his train, and liars are his tools.

The Father told us to print the words of the article and to put it under His bench (which is in the front of the house - it is a symbolic place that the Father comes to show His presence and His leadership as the war rages in the Spirit) for seven days and to light a candle to burn during those seven days, and to pray against the New York Times every one of those days, led by the prayers of Therese Cooper. At the end of the seven days we will burn the words. Please join us. If you have a candle light it, and pray against those who undermine America, and Israel, while we are at war. We pray for protests and boycotts against the newspaper. We pray for the Father to come against them in every way possible. And we pray against Satan and the pain and anguish and added suffering that will come because of him. This is no game. We can trust the Father to respond and we know the outcome of the war is certain, but we care about the frightened, the wounded, and all who must suffer until the Father wins the victory and Jesus returns to the earth.

The Father's weapon is the truth. The truth brings freedom. The truth is that freedom is good for all, and terror is murder of the innocent. The truth is that Israel is innocent in this conflict. She is not trying to take over the region (just as America is not trying to expand our borders or our power worldwide) and she has a perfect right to exist. The truth is that God loves man and that Jesus is the Messiah and that His blood brought victory forever and ever. The truth is that man should open his (her) eyes and speak to the Father and hear Him, and see what is happening all around him, on earth and in the spiritual realm. Angels are convinced of the truth, and what about mankind? Are they? All this was in the air between the Father and Satan as war intensifies in the Spirit.

What is the relationship that Abraham had with the Father? A simple one. Abraham talked to the Father, and the Father talked to Him. Is that what you have between the Father and you or do you have traditions? What does the Father say to you about your relationship? Do you hear His voice?