Friday, February 27, 2009

A coming rescue and a wedding

Earlier this week I was looking at the situation in Israel, and praying for Benjamin Netanyahu, when I suddenly saw something from the Holy Spirit. He showed me an example of a movie being made. I saw that if a movie director or producer was to make a film about two different peoples being at war with each other, and if one side in that war was to put their own children into death's way, with parents and soldiers both hiding behind the children, then this would naturally be considered ignoble and unloving by most civilized people. Then I saw that this is not true in Israel's case. Though Israel's enemies involve their own innocent children (and raise those children to not be innocent) in warfare, still many in the civilized world condemn Israel, rather than their ignoble opposers. Then, the Father spoke. He said, "Oh, but I will rescue Israel". And I saw that though things get much more serious for Israel in the days ahead, their God, our God, will rescue them. He will rescue them from destruction and He will rescue them from the ill will and unfair and harsh judgments against them found all around the world.

Then, I saw Jesus. He was dressed in his wedding clothes (they were white and had gold decorations all through them) and he held an outstretched sword in his hand. He picked up a white smock, like a very long apron, and put it on over his clothes. The smock reached to the ground and totally covered his wedding clothes. I saw that the smock was to protect the clothes from the blood that spattered as he wielded the sword.

Later, two different people told me about visions they have had with Jesus putting up decorations, as though for a party. The Holy Spirit said that the party is the Wedding Feast. One vision was after mine, and another was a month ago. So, that day approaches. Jesus will come to untangle the mess the world becomes and to establish his kingdom on earth, among mankind, whom he loves so deeply. Be prepared for troubles and war before that day, but it is soon, as the Holy Spirit makes clear by the visions of the coming wedding.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A glimpse of paradise and what it means

I saw something in the Spirit early the other morning. First I saw horses running swiftly across a plain. I could see that it was an army from the Father, in advance mode. They moved so swiftly that they were like a herd of wild horses running. I recognized it as an advance into territory held by the enemy.

Then, I saw something different: I saw something that looked like a thin sheet of plastic material. Suddenly I saw the plastic stretched and slits appeared in it because it was being pulled beyond its capacity. You could see through the slits that a beautiful nature scene was beyond. The pulling continued and the slits gave way and the entire sheet of plastic disappeared and then you could see the beautiful scene. It was Paradise. It was green and beautiful. The whole scene looked like a wonderful, lovely, peaceful spring day.

As I pondered this vision from the Holy Spirit, I realized that He is talking about removing the veil from people's eyes so that they see eternity. Paradise is real, heaven is real. Yet, people often live and operate from a eartly view. If you look at events from the side of earth, when the enemy opposes you or events on earth become hard or terrible, it is hard to stand. The enemy is able to press in with doubts about the love of the Father, about His plans and help, and about what it all means. But if you see it from the side of eternity, then you know the Father can be trusted and that all things will be set right, and that is our future is sure and solid and beautiful and it will never end. The viewpoint is what makes all the difference.

Many people (especially Christians) know the truth in their minds. They know we are eternal. They know that paradise lies ahead, but because they don't really see it, they only think it is so, and the enemy is able to come and press them with his threats and sorrows and it is painful. What the Holy Spirit was showing was the removing of the veil. Then, one can believe the truth about eternity and know it absolutely, so the real power lies with the truth and not with the lying, vicious enemy. This is indeed a powerful advance on territory that the enemy has held - territory among humanity.