Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thank you Jesus

Pastor Jean has the motor scooter, which was provided for him by Antonio and Nikki, for Jesus' sake! He will be able to take the pictures of Jesus all over Rwanda. We will post a picture of the motor scooter as soon as he is able to send it to us. We are so happy for Rwanda's sake. The other day Silvana saw the Father. He was moving through Rwanda with His arms outstretched. In his hands was a net, which stretched from border to border. He moved from south to north, gathering up demons in the net. He is bringing freedom to Rwanda.

Jean sent us a few pictures of people being baptized who had received pictures of Jesus and watched the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. In this picture, in which Jean is baptizing a young man, I saw angels standing behind them watching, glad for this joyous sight.

Have you been reading all the blogs we post? You should! We got seeds for the garden for Brother Joseph in Ghana, after they were able to get the land, and although the price of the seeds should have been over $150, we only paid $5. It cost us less to mail the package to Joseph, with 5000 pictures of Jesus included with the packets of seeds, than it would have to pay for the original price of the seeds. Jesus again leads us with perfect timing. Thank you, Jesus.

Silvana said, "Why can't we build a church in Rwanda?" Why not a church with Jesus as the foundation, where Pastor Jean could teach the people, with the great trust in the Father that he himself has, and where pictures of Jesus could be distributed to many. We are definitely waiting on the Father for this. It would be a new church, a post-genocidal church, where Jesus is the leader.

Silvana saw angels with toolboxes. She said that they are for people who are doing good in the earth, who have a good influence on others. The toolboxes are so the angels can help them, and expand their sphere of influence.

I saw Satan today. He was walking in his camp. Then, I saw a kitchen, with Satan inside. He had a pot on a stove and he was making something for mankind. Of course it is sure to be poisonous. I saw the Father, calmly watching Satan.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interesting article by Daniel Pipes

NATO Fights the Jihadis
by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
October 3, 2006

Exciting News!

Antonio and Nikki have contacted us tonight to tell us that they want to purchase the motor scooter for Pastor Jean in Rwanda! We have written to Jean to ask for a total price of the scooter, registration, and insurance, so they can arrange to pay for it. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Father, and thank you to Antonio and Nikki. God bless you, for providing for the pictures of Jesus to be spread all across Rwanda. Here are the last two emails we have received from Pastor Jean.

Dearest Char! I received your lovely message right now and I'm thankful! Thank you for this amount sent to me! It shall help me in many things! God bless you also to help my brothers and sisters in Ghana! I am just passing by internet because from yesterday I am participating in a seminar in Gospel church here and i took opportunity to tell them about Jesus pictures! Last friday and sunday also we were watching Jesus passion movie and people were repenting! oh, Char I read message about Habel ! It is painful and It hurts my heart but I hope Jesus shall recover him! I pray for him! God bless you!

Good evening my dearests in Christ! Char I was passing and write to you a very short message because I was late for the seminar in wich I am participating ! I take advantage of this opportunity to tell you that i don,t know how i can thank you! It is a big help to me and I praise the Lord.As I told you shortly, we were watching the movie during last friday and last saturday evenings it gathered many people from different congregations and many of them were repenting and others came to benefit counsellings about how they can save their lives in Jesus love! Now I have an other opportunity to share with other people in Gospel church here in Kigali. What can i say ! some churches began to invite me in baptism ceremonies for persons who repented after watching Christ passion movie and having received free Jesus pictures! As i have told you about Kayonza I can tell you that Jesus pictures are spread in many areas but some areas are very far pictures are not yey reached there but I hope that God will help me so that the motor scooter will facilitate me very much!I thank for all you do for my family! you always think about us and we are very thankful! Now there are many requests for pictures and I am still waiting for the package .I was on the post today it is not yet arrived! I received also news from Guerizim AME church that you promised to send to them about 3000 Jesus pictures but as they have no they told me that you can send throught my address.

Monday, October 02, 2006

He created us to want to know Him

Earlier tonight I was talking with Felicia in Yahoo Messenger and I described something that I saw from the Father today. I am posting in my comments from Yahoo:

Silvana was talking about people on earth hearing the Father and when she did
I was looking out over the earth in the Spirit,
and I saw an opening for people to hear Him
and so I sort of pushed forward in the Spirit
as I do when wrestling in the Spirit sometimes
and when I did, Satan spoke and said
"they won't talk to Him because of what they believe"
which has been true. I have wrestled with this issue, trying to get people to realize
it is real and true - talk to the Father as Abraham did and He will indeed talk to you
but because of what they think, partially because of the church and its teachings
but mostly because of Satan putting this wrong thinking,
wrong belief, all over the world, around the whole world
always interferingthat people have not believed or realized
that they themselves can have the relationship with the Father
that they can, so, immediately after Satan said this, the Father answered
just as He answered when Satan spoke in response to my calling
out the Iraqis to remember that they are brothers
and the Father said, they will hear Me because they WANT to know Me
and I saw through the Father's eyes
a human being and I saw their flesh, the tissue of their flesh
and then I saw deeper in their tissue under the top layers
a deep place, and in there
is a desire in each and every human
to know the One who made them
not just to know that they were made
but to really know the One from whom they came
it is deeper than conscious thought
deeper than conscious realization
it is within each human being
it has been buried deep
but now, the Father sees it
and He knows us, He can and He will rekindle what is there that He Himself created
the Father is really showing Himself
As Felicia said, deep cries out to deep

Brother Joseph and the Believers are moving to the farmland

The Father has provided the money for Brother Joseph and the believers with him in Ghana! Thanks to Corinne, Rusty, Robert and Catherine, Suzanne, and Silvana, who together in Jesus' name provided the rent money they needed. We rejoice in Jesus! We also sent money to Brother Jean in Rwanda. We are continuing to ask Jesus for the money for the motor scooter for him, and we know that Jesus will provide.
Greetings Char & everyone at OJP,
Warmest greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. We are very grateful for the gift you sent which we received. This afternoon, we paid the landlord the required advance payment, and got the rental contract issued to us with the keys! We are very joyful and thankful to the Lord for this blessing upon us!

We pray God’s richest blessings to be upon you, your family and the brethren there. Our prayers are with you and all the saints with you, may the Lord continue to bless you all according to the abundance of His grace. As usual, extend our greetings, love and thanks to your family and to the brethren there. We will write again soon keeping you updated.

Your brother, Joseph & the brethren here

Sunday, October 01, 2006

More notes

The Father said that He has more planned before the elections, to help the country to make the right decision, to put the right people in place to support the war against evil.
Flight 93 showed the courage and the heart of America. The people on that doomed flight fought to protect others. There is nobility in America because there is freedom in America.

Today I was outside in the yard working on the flowers. It was a beautiful warm day and I could feel the presence of the Father and I saw many angels. I sang as I was there with the Father. (This is the best way to spend Sundays, in the beauty of creation with the Creator, talking to Him or spending time with Him. It is a day of rest, as He wanted us to have from our labors.) I sang this song, "Come into the Holy of Holies. Enter by the blood of the lamb. Come into His presence with singing. Worship at the throne of God. Lifting holy hands, unto the King of Kings. Let us worship Jesus. Let us worship Jesus." As I sang, I heard the angels singing with me. Then, I saw them kneel to worship Jesus. I saw the demons in the sky, in the camp of the enemy, and they saw the angels singing and worshipping Jesus. I heard the angels calling out to them, "We worship Jesus. He is worthy to worship".

Satan doesn't want to look at Jesus. He does not want to acknowledge Him. He would rather ignore Jesus. Silvana Lupetti, the Father's prophet in the USA, was talking today about the Father. She said that heaven has a barrier. Evil cannot come there, and those within are protected. However, she said, the Father Himself does not have a barrier. He feels everything, He sees everything. He sees the anguish and the grief of all who suffer, He sees every evil that is done. He protects us but He does not protect Himself and He doesn't want to. He loves us and bears our pain willingly, and He goes to war for us. The Father became human and felt all that we do, suffered all that we suffer. Allah would never do that.

Kittens, cats, dogs, trees and beauty: that is the Father and what comes from Him.
Beheadings, torture. That is the enemy, and what comes from him. His fruit is darkness. Satan tries to get the world to reflect himself. He tries to get the nations to bend under his will, so they will reflect him.

It is hard for us to see the beauty in the world, to want to do good, and then to know about the murders, the evil in the world. Our spirit must acknowledge what it sees. The only thing we can do is go to the Father.

We are praying for Iraq and against the terrorists. The Father put a rainbow in the sky after He destroyed the world (except for 8 people) by a flood. The rainbow was a reminder to Himself not to totally destroy the whole world again. Evil calls out for a response. It is an inescapable conclusion that violence must be stopped. The Father will act, until the whole world is free. The Iraqis need to take the hand that is being held out to them, to be free, to stand together against the violence within their nation. Sooner or later the violence will strike them as it is, and their response will be that of human beings. Not as Muslim, not as Iraqis alone, but as human beings, who see the horror of murder.

As the Father sees the violence, sees the anguish, sees the sufferings of all, He is there to say, "It is not over. There is more. Remember heaven." Satan does not like to go beyond death. He likes to kill, to torment and to bring death. And that is all he wants to do in the situation. He does not want to look at what happens next, to go past his evil acts to the eternity that is ahead for each person. Although he knows it is true that each person will come before the Father, and that life is eternal, he tries to keep it always centered on death itself. Because Satan can bring death, he sees himself as great. If Satan could face his followers and prove to them that he is God, he would do so, but he cannot. He can't go past death, and he cannot answer this question: are you created? If he speaks of this, he only shows that he is not God, but a being made by God.

I was reading the news story about Ramadi and how the situation "tipped" to the favor of the Iraqi government and coalition forces, and I was praying for the people. As I prayed for them, I saw something going out in the spirit from the Father to them. It was a sense of loving one another, of living for each other.

From my notes this month

Today I was praying for the Iraqi people. In the Spirit, I called out to them to fight back. It is their people who are being tortured by the terrorists. Show the courage that you used when you went and voted and your courage was shown by your purple fingers.

There are problems with the CIA. Porter Goss came in as director, full of enthusiasm to do a good job. Why did he leave? What sort of a stronghold is erected in our CIA? Pray for the CIA and the FBI to do a good job and to work together for the sake of the country.

Silvana saw an angel in the clouds twice today. The second time I saw it, as clear as could be. It was a large angel in the sky. It was recognizable at a glance.

Later that day, while writing to someone who has been persecuted for Jesus in Pakistan, I offered to send them some free pictures of Jesus. Suddenly, I saw the strongman of Pakistan in the air, watching as I wrote. There is persecution of Christians in Pakistan, just as the Holy Spirit warned that there would be. When I saw the strongman, immediately I stood up and I was in the Spirit. I spoke to the strongman and I said, "Do not interfere with the people who receive the pictures of Jesus." I saw the Father. He was with me and He spoke to Satan and said the same, "Do not interfere with those who receive the free pictures of Jesus." And I saw a sword in the Father's hand and He held it up to the neck of Satan, and there was a wound cut open in Satan's neck in the front. I could see blood. The slightest push from the Father's hand, and Satan would have been killed. And I saw that the Father was talking both to Satan and to his demons. The warning was serious.

The enemy thinks that he is so clever, using Mel Gibson to say things that are not where Jesus is coming from. First, Mel said the thing about the Jews being the cause of wars, and then he apologized. The reason Mel said this is because of what he has believed in his past because of the beliefs of his father. Now, he has made comments against the war in Iraq. Again, his Catholic beliefs are influencing him, but he is wrong. This war was declared by Jesus, and we must stand for freedom in Jesus' name. Mel just doesn't realize it. But Satan is fighting to influence the world, and he thinks Mel is the perfect choice because he made the movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. It is a little like him moving through Peter to tell Jesus not to go to Jerusalem. Jesus recognized Satan immediately and rebuked him. We recognize Satan moving here too. We pray for Mel Gibson, because he doesn't realize that he is wrong. He would be horrified if he thought he was going against something that Jesus is doing.

Jesus said to his disciples, while he was in the Garden of Gethsemane, "You could not wait with me one hour?" How do you feel about that when you read it? Do you wish you could be there with Jesus and comfort Him and stand with Him? He showed me this today, that many feel they would have liked to have been there so they could have stayed awake for His sake. Then, He said, "They can stay awake with Me now." There is evil moving across the earth, and we can stay awake and watch and pray. Jesus asks us to wait on Him about what we see, what we hear on the news. Will you stay awake with Jesus?

There are more and more murders in the public eye, and accidental deaths. It is going to keep happening, more and more, as Satan moves around the earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can destroy.