Saturday, June 09, 2007

Miraculous sign in Rwanda

Last week on Monday, at the end of the meeting with Pastor Jean in Yahoo Messenger, Silvana saw something from the Holy Spirit. She said, "Pastor Jean, I see a man who is in Kigali, laying on a bed or mat in pain. He is near you, and Jesus will show you where he is so you can go and give him pictures of Jesus and pray for him." Jean said he would be watching for him and waiting to see what Jesus showed him.

Then, this week, on Monday when we normally meet with Pastor Jean in Yahoo to talk about OJP and the week in Rwanda, Jean did not come. On Tuesday he came into Yahoo briefly to tell us that the reason he had not come the day before was because a woman had sent her child to his house to get him to come and pray for her husband, Godfrey, who was sick at home, lying on his bed in pain. Jean went there with the child, taking pictures of Jesus, and the writing JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and he prayed for Godfrey, who had severe stomach pain and head pain and who was not able to get up off of his bed because of the pain. Their house is in Kigali, near Jean's church. Jean told him that the leaders of OJP had described him by the Holy Spirit the week before and Jean said that the man "was astonished" but Godfrey's wife said, "God does these kinds of things". Jean said that Godfrey has faith in the Father, even concerning his sickness. The Holy Spirit showed that this is why He acted miraculously to show Godfrey and his sufferings to us, because Godfrey trusts Him, and the Father wanted to let Godfrey know that He loves him.

We talked to Jean later in the week and he said that Godfrey is doing much better, that he is up and walking again. Father, thank you for your great love for Godfrey and for his wife and family and for all who live in Rwanda, and for all who live everywhere in this world you created.