Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Letter from Pastor Jean

Here is a beautiful letter from our brother, Pastor Jean, in Kigali, Rwanda, to Mary, one of the wonderful supporters of what Jesus has been doing with OJP. Pray for Rwanda. Pray for the new school. Pray for Pastor Jean personally. He is the pastor of a church of around 300 people and he also passes out the free pictures of Jesus as the head of OJP in Rwanda. He is very busy, with limited funds. God bless you, Brother Jean.

Hi Mary, This is brother Jean in Rwanda. I am with Operation Jesus Pictures in Rwanda and I serve Jesus here. My wife is Beathy and we have 4 children. Among them the eldest is 7 years old. I am a pastor in a Methodist church. Char, Silvana, Nikki, Therese, Antonio, Doug, Felicia, Robert, Catherine and so many others are our parents, sisters and brothers in Jesus throught OJP.
Here are many non-schooled children and many of them were in risk of becoming alcoholics if they stayed street children or non-schooled children. It was a big burden to us. We tried to pray for them, but finally we realised that it could not heal until we thought it could help if they learn some few things, but we missed the means. Our local church accepted to use the building of the church for classes (it is a rented house which is paid monthly, it can bear 3 classes.) So now about 65 children may begin learning in January.
They will learn writing, reading and counting, songs, rhythms, shading, modeling, languages...and they will learn especially in english. We have not capacity but we trusted in Jesus. We praise the lord because our sisters and brothers of OJP USA are praying for us and some accepted to help for a few materials. We will need some materials, as we were chatting about this with sisters and brothers of OJP USA last Monday. We will be using the dry erase markers board. We hope God will provide, We also will need markers, books for children, exercise-books, pens, pencils, crayons and other materials for children. We have nothing today, but we hope Jesus will provide.
We know that you are one among our sisters and brothers in Jesus there in USA and we know you are one who helps so much in OJP and we know that you always stand with us to pray for that schooling. This is our request to pray for those children, orphans of genocide or AIDS. We hope that Jesus may make a way for the school. We are very grateful and our thankfulness is so high to every one of OJP USA.
Brother in Jesus,