Thursday, May 15, 2008

Char: about 2 news articles, Silvana: about the nations

I was reading a different article a few days ago about the refusal of this mosque to bury a cop-killing Muslim. As I read it, I was reminded of the Father showing recently about pushing the enemy away from Muslims. They are people, whom He loves, and the Father wants to win them over to good - to freedom, to treating others with love. So, as I read the article, which is almost the first I have seen since 9/11 in which Muslims speak out about doing the right thing, I saw this possibility of the Father moving in and taking over Satan's place. What an irony that would be! Satan has pretended to be god, and what if the real God came and took his place and then turned the people towards good, as the Father would surely do. Of course there would be the extremists within who want murder and mayhem. But what if other Muslims turned against them and refused to join them and said, "We don't agree with this. Islam is the religion of peace and we should treat people better, no matter their religion". Only the Father would be capable of pulling this off! Father, soften their hearts and let them think clearly of good versus evil. In Jesus' name, we ask You, Father, for the sake of these millions of people, whom you love.

The following is also an interesting article. The Father is changing the world and preparing it for the return of Jesus. He is preparing Europe for the stand they must make in the future, against the Muslim extremists and the destruction they bring. Even Serbia has elected a more pro-western government. It was interesting to see these comments about Asia and the changes there.,25197,23599516-7583,00.html
Yesterday Silvana was talking about the Father and what He has done and is doing in the nations. She commented about the Father saying in 1996 that He wold bring godly men to government in the USA, and how this was fulfilled when George W Bush and Dick Cheney came to office. No wonder Satan so fiercely opposed them. This was in preparation for 9/11, which was like a wake-up call to the world: EVIL IS WRONG. STAND AGAINST IT. She said that terror is not new. We have an enemy in this world. Israel has suffered from this evil for a long time. But the attack was a wake-up call to the world and in response, G.W. Bush, and America, lifted up a standard before the world.

The Father has been dealing with the nations of the world. After 9/11, America had so much on our plates with Afghanistan and Iraq, we would not have been able to easily handle plans that were being laid in Indonesia, which had many, many Muslim extremists within. The tsunami changed everything, which is why the Father had shown Silvana that circle on the map of that area of the world, telling her, "something big is coming there". He was showing that He was going to act. The tsunami changed everything and pushed the enemy back. It literally changed the landscape. The Father stepped down so hard on the earth there, that scientists said that it affected earth's gravity. Now, China has had the 7.9 earthquake right after Silvana said they need a natural disaster there, such as a large earthquake. Burma, who had the earthquake recently, and has refused western aid, is being forced to receive some, as the government is being held up before its own people as an oppressive regime because of their lack of care for their citizens and what they are suffering. The whole world is a stage.

She spoke of Iran. She said that the leadership is like a faulty handle on a curling stone. A curling stone is a sports item. It is heavy and you slide it into the position you want it. She said that the stone is heavy, which is like the people of Iran. The leasdership is like a plastic handle that has been put on it. If you try to move the stone - the people - and you tried to pick it up, the handle would come off. The leadership in Iran has many plans, but they cannot take the stone and hurl it at someone, for the stone would break away and not allow it. She said there has been advances in Iran that do not show on the surface. There is a greater balance for freedom in Iran than there is for what they currently have.

The Father is holding China back. North Korea is like the deepest, darkest place on earth. They are the embodiment of a darkest place. There are terrorist nations who want to kill, but in North Korea the enemy's brutality comes to roost. People are so destroyed there that they have NO hope of freedom. They would not be able to rally to a fight for freedom. Children are starving. People are starving. The leader is insane and a puppet of Satan. Asian terror and atrocities come together there. There is nothing having to do with Jesus there - it is void of awareness, void of mention of Jesus. In Russia, they are still in a spiral. Which way will they turn? They have opportunity to leave brutality, to leave the KGB, which is a state of mind. Brutal tyranny over the people is the mindset of the KGB, which was the mindset that the Gestapo had as well. The new Russian leader did not come from the KGB. He is only 42 years old. Putin may hope that this leader that he handpicked will follow in his footsteps but his mindset is not the same because of his youth. He was not there. He views things differently. So there remains a spiral in Russia. What will they do? Will they call evil, "evil"? There are two faces in China. One rejects capitalism and the others benefits from capitalism within its borders. They need and want the money from the capitalism within the nation yet with the other face they hate it. China wants Russia. They claim to stand alone but they want Russia to stand with them. Tienanmen Square was a light that came on in China. It showed how things are there, the lack of freedom there.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Silvana was in the Spirit talking about China

Recently Silvana was in the Spirit talking about China. (Both Therese and I were present when Silvana was speaking of them. We estimate that it was about a month ago.) She said that China is pushing the world with their agenda,and that they are trying to muscle their way forward. She said, "We can't do anything to China until the time comes from the Father. He has to do something. China needs something to keep them occupied, like a natural disaster. They need to be hit by a disaster, such as a large earthquake, to give them something else to keep them busy."

Here is the news story of a 7.9 earthquake that struck in China. We pray for the innocent and for the little children and for the students. Jesus, help them and their families, whom You love.

Before the tsunami in Indonesia, Silvana drew a circle on the map in that area and said, "Something big is coming here". Through that tsunami and its aftermath, the Father stopped many evil plans that were being formed there. Without the Father's help we could not stand against the enemy. He has to push back nations and push back the enemy so we are not overwhelmed. We have had enough on our plates in the war against evil without having to contend with the many terrorists inside Indonesia and in that area of the world.

The Father is acting in the world today. He is preparing the earth for the return of Jesus. Disasters are increasing, which forces people to think beyond their daily lives. Evil and good confront one another, such as is happening in the Middle East as the Coalition for freedom stands against the terrorists there.

The enemy is moving all over the world also; moving to increase violence and anger and evil deeds. Every day we see grief and suffering and sorrow as the struggle intensifies. We need Jesus to lead us every moment. We need the Father to intervene and to act world-wide, even as we look to Him to lead us to people in the highways and byways and alleyways to bring Jesus to them.