Saturday, July 01, 2006

Green grass before the Father

This morning the Holy Spirit showed something to me, and He showed something to Silvana, and they fit together. When I woke up, I was in the Spirit. He said, "Be like the grass, that grows together and makes a beautiful sight for the Father."

I saw each person as an individual blade, and together we make a lovely lawn. Grass grows together underground and the green shows above the ground. We are united together, in our foundation, in our willingness to do anything that Jesus wants, and as we wait on the Father together to see what He is saying and doing. I know there is a Scripture that talks about the grass that withers and is not permament, but this is not what the Holy Spirit was showing. He was showing something beautiful and green before the eyes of the Father as He looks at us and our service to Him. He is watering the whole world, to reap a crop of a people who will stand for good, resisting evil in the world and in their own lives.

Here is a link to a site that sells grass that weaves together and is stong under the surface, down to the depth of their roots.

Silvana said that the Holy Spirit was speaking to her of this Scripture, "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." She said that normally when we quote that Scripture, we are saying something along the lines of: "I can do anything because Jesus makes is possible" but that this time the Holy Spirit was giving it a different emphasis. She said that the emphasis that she saw was around the fact that Jesus will give us strength. Where we are weak, He will help us. As she was talking about it, I saw the grass example that the Father was showing, and I saw the unity that comes as we serve Jesus togther, all united in our roots, and that each blade will be individually helped (strengthened) by Jesus. Each blade has its own weakness and sin and its own strengths and gifts for service to Him. Though we have weaknesses, Jesus will come to us and supernaturally help us with what we need in order to stand strong in Him.

Pastor Nelson is visiting us from Pakistan. It is such a joy to have him here. He and Doug and Anthony and Jordan and Doug's family went on a holiday to a lake in eastern New Mexico for the weekend, while Silvana and Therese and I are waiting on the Father together at home.

It is so painful to see Israel at war. I know the nature of the enemy and I know what evil he has planned against that nation. Israel is strong and many of their leaders have resolve and wisdom. Pray for them, for they need help from God. There is only one thing keeping Jesus from returning to the earth and that is an invitation from the Jews for Him to come back. When they acknowledge that He is the Messiah and that they need His help, He will come. What pressure will be brought to bear on them, as the Father seeks for them to retutn to Him, and Satan seeks to destroy them.

The Father told me today that good will come out of our three days of waiting on Him. How glad we are that He is near and that He cares about the world. The war is in His hands. This evening Therese and I were thinning the marigold flowers and replanting them in the flower beds. As we worked, I felt the Father come near, to be near us. I really love Him. Don't you? Won't you do anything to please Him, to comfort His heart, He who suffers so as He sees the pain and the suffering in the world, who leads us in a war that will only end at Jesus' return.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More pictures mailed and what Silvana saw from the Holy Spirit

Yesterday we mailed the rest of the packets of pictures that we had ready. (We still have to send 5000 to the man in Rwanda who can give the pictures within the schools, and 2000 to a pastor in Botswana.) We had the packets of pictures and envelopes of pictures (to those who send a simple request for pictures without saying they want to give them out, we send eight each)inside a plastic Post Office bin. As Therese was taking the pictures to mail, Silvana saw the bin in the Spirit and it was filled with blood. She said that there were body parts in it. She said that the Holy Spirit showed her that some of the pictures are going to people who are suicidal. The pictures of Jesus are our tool for fighting Satan and his evil works. He pushes people to despair, to hopelessness and unhappiness and to kill themselves, and we give the pictures of Jesus, which bring Jesus and hope and love.

We got these packages of Jesus ready to mail out while our sister in Jesus, Felicia, was here visiting for three weeks in June. She was an invaluable help and support in the Spirit. She helped with packages, she cut string, she helped string pictures, she helped prepare the property "as a park", as the Father said to do. God bless her and her willing heart and hands.

The Father told us that He wants us to go to a cemetery, so we are waiting for the right time; the time that He says "go now". Yesterday, Therese got a phone call from a dear woman in Kentucky who lost a daughter in a car accident last year. She and her daughter were in the accident together and she watched her daughter leave this earth, as they were both pinned under a truck. She said that her daughter had called her every night for 37 years to tell her that she loves her and she misses her terribly. As Therese was telling us about this and as we were praying for Brenda (the mother) the Holy Spirit showed Silvana the daughter in the heavenlies with Jesus. He said that the daughter is still connected with her mother and that she watches her and looks forward to their reunion in eternity. They still have an eternal relationship, which will never end. The Holy Spirit said for the mother to take one of the free pictures of Jesus and to put it on the grave of the daughter.

As I think about us going to a cemetery, I look forward to leaving pictures wherever the Holy Spirit tells us to do so. One time a few years ago, Therese and Silvana and I were at a cemetery and Silvana said to go over one direction. We went over there and we saw a woman kneeling down by a grave. Just then I saw a vision in the Spirit. I saw a woman rush into the throne room. She saw that "the servants of God" were going to the cemetery where her daughter was praying and she was rushing to the Father to pray for her beloved girl. We went over and told the woman what Jesus showed, and she was so glad to hear. Her mother sees her. Her mother loves her. Those who go ahead of us do not forget us, they love us and wait for our reunions.