Saturday, November 03, 2007

"The way things are right now in the spirit"

On Sunday, October 27, 2007, Silvana and I were in her studio. Silvana was in the Spirit and we were looking at a map of the world that is on the wall in there and she spoke of a mystery, and then she said that an unexpected nation would do something, but we did not see what it is that they will do. We look forward to the Holy Spirit revealing more about this as we know He will.

As we looked at the map, suddenly I saw by the Holy Spirit, as though I were looking at a frozen moment in time. I saw the world and it was as though Satan's face was at the right side of Russia looking towards North America. (towards Alaska) Facing Satan (as though a face in the west coast of Alaska) was the Holy Spirit. Behind the Holy Spirit was the USA and Canada. Behind Satan was Russia and China. So Satan and his forces seemed to be facing the Holy Spirit and His forces. It was almost west versus east. Time seemed frozen momentarily, as though a great battle was about to commence.

Then my eye fell on the continents below. I saw South America, Africa, and Australia and the area just above Australia. As I looked, I saw by the Holy Spirit, as though each place had been prepared. We mentioned in an earlier blog how we have been sending pictures to South America. In one day recently we sent 48 packets of pictures of Jesus to Argentina, plus packets to other nations of the world. As you know, we have been sending many pictures of Jesus to Africa, especially to Rwanda. It was as though the Holy Spirit was showing that those two continents are prepared. They are prepared to stand and pray because Jesus is there and He will lead them to support the Holy Spirit, while the battle is being fought out by the nations directly involved. So they are prepared to stand behind the USA and pray. My eye turned to Australia and Indonesia and the Holy Spirit showed me that they are also prepared. He said that the tsunami was a preparation for this coming battle because it brought a blow to Satan's forces there, to the many, many Muslim extremists within Indonesia. Then He showed me a recent event in Australia, and that was the death of Australian Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, who was deeply loved and admired in Australia, and all over the world. When Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray (and the Holy Spirit showed the involvement of Satan at the time. It was a time of warning in the Spirit about accidents; that Satan will cause harm and death through accidents and Jesus warned us to be very, very careful) Australians took the blow personally and they have not yet responded. Several stingrays were killed by Australians, but they realize that this could never be an appropriate response to what they feel, nor to the death of a human being. So, the Holy Spirit showed them as though they are primed to act, ready to respond to Him, to fight back against what is being done to Steve, to the West, to humanity.

In the background, in the tail of the two forces, I saw Europe. Lucifer will try to hit Europe as hard as possible to keep her from coming to the aid of the USA. Europe heart may be to come to the aid of the USA but it will face deception and many attacks from within and without.

The end of the war between Satan and the Holy Spirit will be the capture of Satan and the return of Jesus. The Hope of Mankind will come to the earth. So, this is what I saw and the Holy Spirit said of it, "the way things are right now in the spirit". I don't want to jump to any conclusions, nor to guess what this all means. It is easy to be mistaken about what the Holy Spirit means by what He shows, as anyone knows who reads the Holy Scriptures. Look and see what the Holy Spirit is showing and ask Him about it. It will come, the war will commence, and afterwards we will look back and see that what was shown was perfectly accurate.
Be prepared to act. Recently, I have seen many, many angels, and always as I see them, their hands are busy. I had a dream in which the hands of the people with OJP were busy. We all should be acting, as the Holy Spirit leads us. Put oil on the corners of your property, the corners of your house, saying ALL FOR JESUS, IN JESUS' NAME and then be prepared to give pictures, to support the pictures of Jesus, to act as the Holy Spirit leads. Today I saw the angels and their hands were still but in their hands they held tamborines.
Yesterday, I saw a great sword. First I saw a sword as though it came from us (from OJP) and it was pointed towards the enemy. Then, as I looked, another sword came up behind it and took its place. The second sword was the size of the whole world and was the sword of the Father. It was aimed directly at Satan and it was close to him and Satan's underbelly was exposed. Then I heard a voice say to Satan, "Your end is near".
Pray for OJP and support us if you can. We face many obstacles as we try to go forward in Jesus' name. Our main obstacle right now in OJP in the USA and OJP in Rwanda is financial. We have many bills and printing and mailing costs. We also have rising costs in Rwanda as the school prepares to open on January 11, 2008. The Father said today that He wants people to help us.