Friday, December 01, 2006

Greetings to Rwanda

We mailed the second box of gifts today to Pastor Jean and his wife Beathy in Kigali. I thought you might like to listen to the audio greeting that we sent to Rwanda on a CD with their Christmas box, so I posted it in my gabcast audio message box. Scroll down to the right and click on link if you are interested to hear it. We are all looking forward to sharing the King's Feast together.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More pictures of the gifts for Ghana

Heres are more pictures of the gifts for Ghana, which we mailed on November 28, 2006 by Express Mail.

Here are some pictures of the luminiarias in our front yards (the cross is behind a picture of Jesus, lit up by a floodlight. We will try to get a clear picture of the sign with Jesus' picture. There are luminarias in front of Jesus, and lights on the gate and the cross.) These lumanarias, which light the way for the Christ Child, and light the way to the Christmas service, are a sign of preparation for the return of Jesus. He really is coming back to the earth, says the Father, and it is near.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blessings for Ghana and Rwanda

We are happy to say that today we mailed the package of Christmas presents to the children with the Believer's Ministry in Ghana. Here is a picture of some of the presents being sent: (Click on small picture to see larger picture.) Also today, Silvana's rebate check came and she is sending it all to Brother Joseph in Ghana by ikobo for the remainder of their rent, so they can have their electricity turned on. Electricity for Christmas and presents for the children. All for the King's Feast for Jesus!

We also mailed a package of 4000 pictures of Jesus to Brother Jean in Rwanda, and one of the two packages of presents for the children in Rwanda to Jean's wife Beathy. We will mail the second package later this week or early next week. We still have some presents that we want to purchase. We are asking Jesus for another $100 to buy some small presents at a local dollar store. Thank you to everyone who has participated in putting the packages together and has helped with paying for postage and gifts.

I was at the computer writing to Brother Joseph and waiting for Therese to call me telling me that she had made the deposit at the bank when the following letter came into our inbox from Joseph:

Greetings sister Char & all, Thanks so much for your last email. We continue in prayers everyday that the rebate check will arrive at your address soon! The landlord will be traveling early next month, and will not be back till January. We wish that we will have the money in hand as soon as possible, so that he can now help get the electricity for us before he travel. It is great joy to hear about the gifts for our children, they will be surprised to receive the gifts when it gets here. Already, we have planned how to make the feast this time, and possibly, we will try to take some pictures to be send to you after the Christmas. The shop that sells second-hands clothing and other shops are a bit far from our home. It takes about one hour and 30 minutes to get to the town and the internet cafe. It is quite difficult moving about with our bicycle, we pray that the Father will sometime bless us with a motor scooter. We will find out and let you know the prices of motor scooter, bicycle, and the current cost of children's shoes. Our farm is progressing, and it will not be too long when we will start harvesting some crops. The vegetables seeds you sent are growing very well!As usual, extend our greetings, love and thanks to your families and to the brethren there. We look forward to hear from you soon. Your brother, Joseph & the brethren here

So, we have sent the money for electricity, and the presents to Joseph and we are asking the Father for provision for a motor scooter for them. As the Father said, this year will be the year of expansion for OJP and you can see that He is laying the groundwork for it now, both in Rwanda and in Ghana. We want to get a vinyl banner for Pastor Jean to put up in the new house (that will have electricity) that we are praying to get in Kigali. It will have the OJP logo, but will say OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES in Rwanda. He and Beathy can have the banner on the wall and people will see it when they come to his house to watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, or to receive a free picture of Jesus.

I will be posting more pictures of the gifts sent to Ghana and of the luminarias.