Thursday, November 16, 2006

Reminder of audio post

Silvana posted earlier, "Closer than close". What a beautiful post. The Father has been showing His plans to heal us, to move across all mankind. What she saw in the Spirit reminded me of something I was saying in the audio post called, "Rwanda". That post is not only about what the Holy Spirit showed about Rwanda but also about mankind in general and the love of the Father for us. We encourage you to listen to it, if you have not yet done so. (To listen, scroll down and look for the blue frame on the right, then click on line titled, "Rwanda", which is episode #3.)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Question from Matthew, answer from Char

Hi, I came across your website Operation Jesus Pictures and am intrigued by it. Is the message you preach real, what denomination of Christianity is it. I read some of Silvana’s blog articles and this thing about God going to Mecca and stooping over the black stone and writing on it appears strange to me. As a Christian I know and believe that Jesus is God – true God and true Man. Aren’t we supposed to respect all religions, although we know the TRUTH. Are you postulating a religious cult?

I will appreciate an answer, if you can.

Thank you and God bless.


Dear Matthew,

Thanks for your letter. Yes, our message absolutely is real. We preach that you can know Jesus for yourself; that just as Abraham and Moses and Adam and Job and Paul and so many others talked to the Father and heard from Him, so can you. Jesus opened the door by His sacrifice for our sin, so that we can return to our Creator, who loves us so. This is the gospel that is real and is true.

Why do you find it strange that God would say something to Allah and to the people in Mecca? Remember in the Old Testament, how the Ark of the Covenant was put in the temple of Dagon and the statue of Dagon fell over the first night and then they put it up again and it fell down again and the hands and the head broke off. Dagon was the god that they worshipped in that country. Was it politically incorrect of the true God (who was present in the Ark of the Covenant) to cause the false god's hands and head to break off? Allah is Satan, just as Dagon was Satan. He is a real being and the Father knows him well because the Father created him. The people in Mecca are deceived because they believe Allah to be God. It is the Father who brought this message to Mecca, not Silvana. She only saw what the Holy Spirit showed to her about it.

The reason the Father showed this message is because the time of the enemy is coming to an end. There is fierce warfare occurring in the Spirit and in the natural realm and it is going to greatly increase. This all leads to the return of Jesus, so we rejoice, even as we grieve over the pain and suffering that will come to many.

I encourage you, Matthew, to ask Jesus about this. Talk to Him, seek Him, and wait on Him. Keep talking to Him about everything, until you begin to hear His voice more and more clearly. You need to know the truth about these very serious topics on the earth today, and what better place to get the truth than from Jesus, who is the truth. And as He speaks to you, you can develop a relationship with the best Being in existence: our Friend and our God, Jesus.

I am not sure what you mean by postulating a cult. I am neither calling Islam a cult, nor Christianity a cult. A cult does not comes into it at all. Those who think that Allah is God are mistaken, for he is not. The real God loves, while Allah leads towards hatred and destruction. Jesus will show you the truth if you ask Him.

I hope that this answered some of the questions that you have. I am glad to hear that you are reading at the blog sites. Continue to ask Jesus about everything that you read there so you can see what the Holy Spirit is showing. As you talk to Him about these events, the Father promises to answer, and then to continue to speak to you, about that which is happening in your life and in the lives of the people around you.

God bless you, Matthew. Thanks again for writing. Do you have some of the free pictures of Jesus that we pass out? We would be happy to send some to you, wherever you live in the world.

In Jesus, our Friend and soon coming Bridegroom,
Char Tierney