Monday, September 12, 2005

More Comments about John Roberts/ The Father with a weapon

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John Roberts Hearing and John Roberts opening remarks

Here is a drawing from Silvana Lupetti about what she saw from the Father today as she watched the opening of the Congressional Hearing for the confirmation of John Roberts, who is President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, and to be the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. She saw THE CONSTITUTION over John Robert's head, and A RULE OF LAW. This is what our nation was founded on: the rule of law, through the Constitution. We can hardly believe the greatness of the Father to return us to our roots, as He is doing. Thank you, Father! In the audio post, I read some of John Roberts' opening statement, which is beautiful and right. You can watch the hearings on C-Span3, if you wish to see them without commentary or interruption.

The left would like to make this about abortion, but the bigger picture is about the rule of law. They want to focus on one small item, (small according to the big picture) so they can oppose Roberts, for abortion's sake and simply to oppose anything that comes from President Bush. It was about this that I saw the Father say, "Bring them on". He will win every fight that comes His way. I saw Him a few moments ago and I saw Him facing the enemy, pushing the enemy's words back into his face. The lies will be reversed; the truth will come out. How great is our God!!!

Silvana Lupetti's sketch of the John Roberts Hearing

this is an audio post - click to play