Sunday, May 13, 2007

A season of advance

"A season of advance" is what the Father said to His prophet, Silvana about the days ahead and we look to Him with joy over all He is accomplishing in the Spirit and what He has planned. So often the Holy Spirit speaks through numbers and recently He was showing the number 33. We looked to Him about what He was showing. Of course 33 is the age that Jesus was when He was killed and 33 is the age that He was when He rose from the dead. The Holy Spirit showed us the power and the victory of resurrection in the number 33, tempered by the seriousness of death, and not any death, which is serious enough, but the death of the Son of God. So 33 represents powerful victory, purchased at great price, at great suffering. What can be more powerful than Jesus, risen from the grave, with total victory over sin and death? In Jesus' name, by Jesus' death, comes resurrection power in this season before us. It is a number of warfare with Satan (Jesus laid down his life in Satan's presence, and overcame him by rising again, and Satan could do nothing to stop Him) and it is a number of great victory.

The Holy Spirit showed the number thirty-three in the following manner: first, as we told you in an earlier blog, Antonio and Nikki went in obedience to Jesus to a motel in Albuquerque to give the pictures of Jesus there so they could put the pictures in each of the rooms. The motel had 33 rooms and they had with them 33 pictures. Second, when we mailed the packages of pictures during our push to send out pictures to every request we had received, which were starting to back up because of the cost of postage, we mailed 33 packets the first day, which just happened to be how many we had ready in time to reach the post office before it closed that day, and we mailed 33 packets the second day, which also was how many we had ready to send at day's end. (We have mailed another 70 or so since then.) In the tragedy in Virginia Tech University, when Satan moved on the man to kill 32 students and staff, and then himself, 33 were dead that day. On April 28, 2007, it was 33 years to the day since the prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, was baptized in Jesus' name, and baptism is the exact thing to represent the power that the Holy Spirit is speaking of: going down to death in Jesus' name and rising up in His resurrection power.

As we pray for people, we remember the power of Jesus in overcoming death. What if Jesus had not ascended to heaven but had stayed on the earth. How many would have been healed? What great miracles would have been done by Him on earth?

Doors are opening from the Spirit of God to the city of Gatumba in Rwanda. Pastor Jean has a friend who is from that town, who will take Jean there and allow him to stay with his family while he shows THE PASSION and distributes the pictures of Jesus. The Father showed a plan for Gatumba, and really for every one of the cities in the four corners of Rwanda: first, find a pastor who will allow OJP to come and show THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in their church. Then, at the church meetings, the Father said to act in the following order: 1) Present the Message to Rwanda From the Father, 2) Show the film, 3) Pray for people in Jesus' name and lay hands on them with oil, and 4) give out the free pictures of Jesus. The Father promises He will move with power.

We sent Pastor Jean more pictures for Gatumba, including 200 8x10s and 5000 small strung pictures of Jesus. We also took a vial of oil and we all laid hands on it and each of us prayed for the people in Gatumba, and the people in all of Rwanda. We prayed with Jordan for healing for the sick. The Holy Spirit showed Himself as the Lifter of our Heads: He said that the spirit in the atmosphere in Gatumba has kept the people bowed down, feeling sad, feeling without hope, but when He comes to move, as Pastor Jean shows the film and gives the pictures, that the very air over the town will change. The Holy Spirit will be there, to lift the heads and the spirits of the people. We know what it is to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with power. Your courage and your faith and trust and understanding is strong because of His help and it will be the same in Gatumba.

We put some of the oil on our hands as we prayed over the vial of oil that we were sending to Jean. While Silvana and I were praying for the people in Gatumba, I saw the Father, and it was as though He had His hands on the vial of oil too. Then He lifted His hands from the vial to place them on the people of Gatumba. When He did, I saw that His hands were wet with the oil, as ours were. But as I looked, the liquid on His hands became blood: the blood of His Son, Jesus. The Father said to us that the answer to our prayers over the oil is yes, "Yes, because we ask in Jesus' name". With such a noble and powerful sacrifice as Jesus made for us, as illustrated in THE PASSION film, how can the Father say no? His heart for Jesus, His heart for the people, leads Him to heal, to help, to answer our prayers. Another sister in Jesus, who was also praying for Gatumba, said that she saw many Rwandans, who have left this earth, and they were gathered together watching as we prayed over the oil. These are the Rwandans who want the people left behind on earth to know that they are healed now, as was described earlier by the prophet, Silvana in THE FATHER'S MESSAGE TO RWANDA.