Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Due to a mistake on the part of our printer's assistant, the color for the 8x10 pictures of Jesus that we ordered recently was put into the printing machine wrong. As a result, there are greens and pinks and other shades around Jesus' face. Mark, our printer, came back to his shop and discovered the mistake and immediately ordered another printing with the correct color settings. When we went in (on Good Friday) to pick up our printing of 4000 8x10s, we saw the pictures with extra color and we thought they were beautiful so we got them too. (This is how we ended up with 7000 of the larger pictures of Jesus.)

When I first saw the colored picture, I thought of the verse in the book of Revelation which speaks of a rainbow around the Father on His throne: Revelation 4: 2 At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. 3 And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne. We loved the picture, and Mark graciously gave them to us and trimmed them for us. (Send us an email to request a free 8x10, or a free 8x10 with extra color.)

Some of the pictures had been put in a trash pile so we retrieved them. This week I was trimming the extra pictures we retrieved and I counted them. There were 99 pictures. This made me think of the parable of the lost sheep, in which there are one hundred sheep and one wanders off so the shepherd goes to retrieve that one. As I was thinking about this, I saw Jesus looking at me. His face was deadly serious and grieved. I saw, by the Holy Spirit, that this is absolutely serious. It is not a sermon, not a cute teaching, but in reality there are people all over the earth who are lost, who are in despair, who are tormented in their lives by their feelings, by their circumstances, by the wickedness of the enemy, and Jesus wants us to reach them.

Silvana, prophet of the Father in the United States, speaks of Satan at times and one thing she has prophetically said of Satan is that he wants Jesus to return to an earth piled high with corpses. Satan wants to maim and murder and torment and destroy human after human, causing deep suffering wherever he can. When he can move to cause men to murder, he does. Where he can move to cause mankind to cause pain to others or to themselves, he does. We can see the grief and anguish and pain caused to 32 families by the murders at Virginia Tech University in the last few days for an example of Satan's work. Jesus grieves. He wants us to share His pictures, to show THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and to give out the writing called JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, which presents the truth about Jesus and the way to have a relationship with Him. (Which is simplicity itself: just talk to Jesus and listen. You will feel His presence and He will talk to you. This is how you become restored to your Creator. For our restoration with Himself, our restoration with the Father, Jesus came and paid the ultimate price on the cross. Suffering exists all over the earth and Jesus entered personally into that realm and there purchased our freedom. Let us honor Jesus' sacrifice by developing our own relationship with the Father, and by reaching others with the same simple message of redemption. The pictures and the film are powerful tools in the hands of the Holy Spirit, which He has continually told us.)

The Holy Spirit showed: this is not a game, this is not a joke, this is not a sermon. This is a serious war with an invisible enemy who has mayhem and murder on his mind. The Father is great and will do great things to rescue people: healings and miracles and signs and wonders, to draw people to His Son, who is His heart. But we must join Him. We must respond when He tells us to share pictures, we must act and show THE PASSION, we must look to the Holy Spirit to lead us, because He knows the paths to every person on earth, and every person is the lost sheep, every person is the one He wants to rescue.

In the past, the Father showed me a view of the earth, and the view was like a satellite map. It showed blocks and areas and in each block, in each area, there were dark, black blots and this is a true reflection of how it looks on earth. There are demons world-wide, bringing darkness and causing great suffering with their deceptions and lies, as they move always to keep men and women in pain and despair and to separate them from their God who loves them. Recently the Father told Silvana that we should take some of the pictures of Jesus with color that He gave to us and to put them up in alleyways, on fences, in dark places, so the people who go there can see Jesus' loving face and feel hope. Some drink too much, and it has been long since they felt hope. Some use drugs to change their reality, some are in despair, but all are loved by God. He sees their pain, He sees their needs, and with all His heart He wants to reach them. He knows the plans of Satan, and He will act to counter them, and we must join Him.

This message is to you too. Together we are the Church, and together we are called to share the good news (Jesus Himself!) that will save lives, that will bring an end to despair, that will turn people from the persistant lies of our vicious enemy. The Father grieves. Do we care? Is the most important thing to us that we ourselves be blessed by God, that we ourselves are healed? He loves us. Our eternity is secure. It was bought with the blood of God, so how could it not be? Since we are loved, since we are secure, let us follow the example of Jesus and turn our attention and our efforts to the world, and let the Holy Spirit lead us to reach them: our neighbors, our towns, and the people of the nations of the world. Contact us for free pictures of Jesus.