Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Windows clear


The prophet Silvana has been talking about getting together and washing all the windows in all three houses here in New Mexico. Tomorrow we are scheduled to gather together and do so. This morning the Father was speaking to me of the significance of this.

Imagine, He said, that you could see the Father. Imagine that you could see what He is doing, and what He is thinking. Imagine that you saw Him and He was thinking of Rwanda, or thinking of the hearts of man, or thinking of war, or of your neighbor, whose son killed himself. Imagine that you could see Him and His thoughts and you could therefore participate in caring about what He was caring about. If your windows were clear, you could see the Father clearly.

In the same way, imagine that if the Father showed you something, you would see it. When He wanted to show you what you have done, or why people have done the acts they do, or what you should do, imagine that you could see it, you could hear Him; your windows were clean. Your spirit was open and aware, and you heard Him perfectly, and saw exactly whatever it is that He shows you. This is what the cleaning of the windows symbolizes. It symbolizes hearing from Him, and seeing Him.

The Father said that we should fast in preparation for tomorrow. If you would like to participate in spirit in this, then fast today. He said not to worry if you already ate, just switch to liquids only and this liquids only fast will be acceptable to Him. If you haven't eaten, then you are welcome to participate by having only liquids today.