Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Father breaking up the ground

Silvana saw the earth being broken up from underneath, as though there were a plow under the earth. We can only do so much to break up the fallow ground, but the Father can do mighty and powerful things on this earth.

I saw myself climb over the edge of something and then climb down. There were little rungs for a ladder. Then I saw that I was in a swiming pool and it was empty. The sides of the pool were cement. The pool was in the ground and I was down in it but there was no water. I got out and shortly after this, I heard a sound and turned my head to look behind me. I saw the pool and it was full of water and Jesus was splashing in it. He will POUR OUT His Spirit on all mankind. Jesus was splashing and playing in the water. To see Jesus playing is to see Jesus as He really is - to know Him as a friend.