Monday, April 21, 2008

Pastor Jean in Cyangugu, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

God bless you Char, I had a good time there and I see that Jesus with me all journey long. I could spread Jesus pictures and supertracts in buses, among mini motos drivers, at hotels and on the road. The second day I visted the prisoners in Cyangugu and I could share with prisoners many supertracts, about 1000 supertracts. Pastor Evarist was a facilitator there and I gave out about 500 Jesus pictures afterwards gave many other pictures to Pastor Evarist so he will continue giving a picture of Jesus to every one who may request for one.

There at the prison 3 security guards of the jail have received Jesus pictures and the supertracts. They were so much interested when I told them, "Read this because here it is written that Jesus is alive and knows everyone's name." They said they love the word of God. One guard who is Jehovah witness congregation member did not oppose and he himself received Jesus picture and supertract.

On the 19th I crossed the border (from Rwanda into the Democratic Republic of Congo) and I arrived in Bukavu, a very wonderful city! I could travel until Kaduku market and I spread many Jesus pictures and supertracts. About the supertracts they said they do not understand very well kinyarwanda, even when they try so next time I will take Swahili Supertracts. There is one restaurant where I deposited 5 big pictures of Jesus and they were glad and said that they will give out to others. I spent there 3 hours and came back in Rwanda arriving on the border. On the CONGO side I had a problem because there was a stamp that was not put in my passport (Congolese stamp, in triangle form) but after a while they let me go and everything was regularized in my passort. I crossed again to Rwanda.

I could share Jesus pictures and supertracts when I spent nights at La Petite Colline guest house. On Sunday I shared the remaining Jesus pictures and tracts in the main market of Cyangugu and at 8:00 am I went to take the bus for Kigali. I arrived at Kigali at 2:30 PM.

I was not allowed to take a picture in the prison because it obliges possessing a special permission. At Bukavu also I could not because I was seen as a foreinger even though I was using swahili as well, but they were asking me if I am not a Ugandan or a Tanzanian accordingly to my Swahili. I said that I am not but that I am a Rwandan. It was good in general and if I get other opportunities I will go there again. It is really a place where they love Jesus as well, in Cyangugu. I am thankful for all who helped by prayers or in other way to help me spreading pictures of Jesus there.

I was trying to get pictures from my camera but it shows it has a problem and the file does not open. I have very good pictures if Jesus come to allow us to get from camera. I could travel in Bukavu and I spread there well. There were many UN peace keepers I saw. I saw many soldiers from Pakistan and the security is strong for sure there. I could not take any picture with persons but pray for my camera so we can get those which are in here. As I told you my passport helped me to travel there and I feel free so that in October if I will be able I will go spread in Tanzania too near our border. The problem I got when I was back to cross the border was not very big and they helped resolve. I praise Jesus for that, I had fear for a few minutes but after Jesus comforted me and it was done quickly as I said below, so the matter remaining is that I need to get pics from camera, but it refuses open file. But I hope Jesus will help in this too. I trust in Him and I see how he helped you with Emily's car so I know He is able in everything. I trust in Him, He will be helping the school too.

May God sincerely bless all of you.
In Jesus,

Brother and son