Monday, May 12, 2008

Silvana was in the Spirit talking about China

Recently Silvana was in the Spirit talking about China. (Both Therese and I were present when Silvana was speaking of them. We estimate that it was about a month ago.) She said that China is pushing the world with their agenda,and that they are trying to muscle their way forward. She said, "We can't do anything to China until the time comes from the Father. He has to do something. China needs something to keep them occupied, like a natural disaster. They need to be hit by a disaster, such as a large earthquake, to give them something else to keep them busy."

Here is the news story of a 7.9 earthquake that struck in China. We pray for the innocent and for the little children and for the students. Jesus, help them and their families, whom You love.

Before the tsunami in Indonesia, Silvana drew a circle on the map in that area and said, "Something big is coming here". Through that tsunami and its aftermath, the Father stopped many evil plans that were being formed there. Without the Father's help we could not stand against the enemy. He has to push back nations and push back the enemy so we are not overwhelmed. We have had enough on our plates in the war against evil without having to contend with the many terrorists inside Indonesia and in that area of the world.

The Father is acting in the world today. He is preparing the earth for the return of Jesus. Disasters are increasing, which forces people to think beyond their daily lives. Evil and good confront one another, such as is happening in the Middle East as the Coalition for freedom stands against the terrorists there.

The enemy is moving all over the world also; moving to increase violence and anger and evil deeds. Every day we see grief and suffering and sorrow as the struggle intensifies. We need Jesus to lead us every moment. We need the Father to intervene and to act world-wide, even as we look to Him to lead us to people in the highways and byways and alleyways to bring Jesus to them.