Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pastor Jean in Cyangugu, Rwanda

There was an earthquake in Cyangugu, Rwanda on February 8, 2008. Pastor Jean traveled there this weekend on the bus to take them some free pictures of Jesus. Here is an email we received from him today:

I am just there in Cyangugu. The bus arrived at 2:04 right after 6 hours nonstop high speed traveling. I could take many pictures from the national park of Nyungwe (it is a natural reserve) I try to forward some pictures but the antivirus refuses me to arrange. I will send some photos when I get back to Kigali.

So, I started spreading Jesus pictures to a girl who came in the same bus. She received about 100 supertracts and some Jesus pictures. She said that she will be sharing with others. After 3:00 pm I will be visiting some persons in jail here in Cyangugu. Tomorrow I will be spreading Jesus pictures and the tracts of Jesus is alive and supertracts.

I may take Lake Kivu photos too, and if I can I will cross the borders and spread some in Bukavu so I shall see what is possible tomorrow. Elizaphan will be leading me and I am sure all will be okay.

See you soon.
In Jesus,
Pastor Jean