Monday, March 10, 2008

A short path to Jesus' return

I was looking at what the Holy Spirit showed Silvana about a season of the angels, and I saw angels outside. I saw them stand on both sides of a walkway, outlining a path. Then I saw Jesus suddenly appear at the end of the path. He took a step forward towards us on the path between the angels. The path was not long at all, which I am convinced represents the fact that Jesus' return is very near. The path was only about twelve feet long. A few days later, I saw Jesus take another step (between the angels) closer to us.

I have seen the Father speaking to Satan and the demons saying again, "mankind is not your business". Since they refused the Father's plan to help Him in loving us and leading us to Jesus, then they have no business with us. We are not their business and they should leave us alone. I saw a demon strongman beheaded for moving in Rwanda after the Father told him not to move there. Silvana saw Satan with his hands burned badly after he threatened children in Rwanda. I saw Satan ordered out of a yard, with a rapier to run him through.

Today I was wrestling in the Spirit, and I pushed forward against the enemy's forces. I saw a sword before me. Then, it was as though we (OJP or whoever was with Jesus) went up over a mountaintop and we were now heading down. We started to speed up as we went down the mountain. It was very easy to move forward.