Thursday, February 21, 2008

Satan on the earth

I saw Satan on the earth. Many times I have seen Satan in his camp, up over the earth, with global influence from his great power. I have seen demons in his camp, and Satan himself. Once I saw Jesus go up to Satan's camp and put a timer there. (That was in 1990, I think) Recently the Father has given some incredibly powerful blows to Satan and his followers. It is clear that the return of Jesus draws nearer by the hour. This war in the heavenlies will result in the return of Jesus, for the Father is preparing the earth and the heavenlies for His Son to dwell here without the interference of the enemy. Recently, the Holy Spirit has been saying to demons, as we pray for people, "this person is not your business". The Holy Spirit said that since Satan and his host refuse to do the will of the Father concerning man, which was a wonderful plan of governing together with the Father, and for this they were created; since they reject that plan, then they should stay out of mankind's business entirely. Last week I saw a demon beheaded when he tried to come back to a woman in Rwanda after he had been ordered to leave her. His head and body were thrown back in Satan's camp, causing consternation to the whole camp.

Now, in the last few days, I have seen Satan on earth. It is the result of the Father's forward movement against him. First, I saw him in New Mexico, here to oppose OJP, as we go forward doing the will of the Father. Satan looked different on earth than in the heavenlies. When seeing him up over the earth, one gets an impression of global power. You see his anger and his hatred for the Father. You see his demons and their sinful attitudes. His demons fear him because of the width and scope of his power. Demons are fallen angels, more powerful than man, but he is a greater being, one who was made to be the administrator over the earth.

What I see when I look at him now, is a mind. I see him listening and thinking, ready to have a reply to everything he hears. He is ready to persuade, ready to lead others away from the truth, away from the Father. He is on earth, ready to cause great harm. Oh, what a liar he is! Silvana says that his best trick is to mix truth with his lies so that it becomes believable. The bad news of him being so close on the earth is that he will cause great harm. The good news is that now he can be captured. He is smaller than when he dwelt in the heavenlies. He was a being somewhat like the wind - large and capable of occupying large spaces at once. How do you capture the wind? But now, he is much smaller. Already I see the angels eager to capture him and put him in the jail that is prepared for him, as described in the holy Scriptures. Soon Satan will come and take his place with a human being where he feels he can exert the most influence. How long until he does this, I do not know. In the meantime, I ask the Father to put up roadblocks to everything that Satan plans, to every lie he raises in the minds of humanity. Father, please swiftly open the doors to Jesus' return. Help us, Father, to stand against this wicked liar. Let the truth be shown and loved by those who see it. Help us through the tumultuous days ahead, in Jesus' name.