Saturday, September 16, 2006

Be careful

The war is getting ratcheted up. As the war progresses in the arena of ideas, where Satan cannot win, it also is being pushed forward in the arena of murder and death. The Holy Spirit reminds again: BE CAREFUL. The possible penalty for not being careful is death. We know of several people who have family member who have been in car accidents lately. Jesus has helped the family member in each case and there has been little damage, except to the car. Therese's son was in an accident the day after a warning from the Holy Spirit and it is going to cost him between $7000-$9000 over the next three years. This is the type of consequence that you do not want for you or your family to face, but it is getting even more severe than that.

In Muslim countries the persecution will rise also, where death, torture, beheading may be the consequences. Each person, all over the world, needs to hear Jesus' voice so He can lead them to safety each day. We have warned and warned about hearing Jesus and now comes the reason why the warning was given. To talk to Jesus and hear from Him is a wonderful honor, one on which we base our relationship with Him. But it is also a practical necessity because there is war in the spirit and we have a raging enemy bent on our destruction.

I saw something very powerful yesterday. I was watching the news on FoxNews and there was a story of a suicide bombing in Baghdad. I stopped the tv (wonderful invention, the DVR. Get one if you can. It is a great tool for you and the Holy Spirit.) and I cried out in the spirit into Baghdad, "STOP IT". "Stop this violence. Remember that you are brothers". As I said this, I saw the Holy Spirit behind my words, and I saw Him move to the people, to move on their spirits to restore to them feelings of brotherhood. The violence in Iraq is Muslim on Muslim, Sunni on Shite. Then, I heard the enemy, who was listening to what was said. He said, "They won't feel it because I have never allowed them to feel it. They grew up without feeling of brotherhood." Immediately the Father spoke. He said, "They WILL feel it because they were created to feel it. They were created with feelings of brotherhood, one towards another." It doesn't matter how deeply that is buried, it is there.

The same is true of healing. No matter what kind of a family you grew up: no matter how dysfunctional or unloving, healing can come because that is not where you really came from. Each and every one of us was created by a loving Father. He is our family. He is the One who loves us, forever and ever without end, and we came from Him and are returning to Him. We are all related to each other, we are all children of the Father, and part of the creation of the earth. So no matter how wounded you are in your spirit, the Father is deeper still, and you can be healed.
The Pope's comments played into what is in the spirits of many Muslims right now. They want a goal, an aim, an end to the jihad they are waging. They have always had the goal of the destruction of Israel, and now they are beginning to focus on the conversion of the world. This is why they forced the two FoxNews reporters (one was a reporter, one was a freelance cameraman) to "convert to Islam" before they let them go. They see the Pope's comments as reason to attack Christians, whom they view as enemies to their goal.

Watch the war and pray for our soldiers, for our allies. Watch the news and pray for people in the world, and be sure and watch yourselves and your family, to keep safe. Early this morning I woke up and I saw the camp of Satan totally surrounding us. It was as though OJP was a small place with a huge army all around. It felt terrible. Therese came over and she commented to me, "The enemy is so close." Nikki called me and said, "I feel horrible, as though I don't know what I am doing, as though I don't know how to do Jesus' will". Yes, that is how the presence of the enemy feels: dark and morbid and despairing, with discouraging thoughts and feelings.

As I was pondering about being careful, the Father showed me that Steve Irwin's (the Crocodile Hunter) death was engineered by Satan as was the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son. I don't know the circumstances of Anna's son, but the Father said that Satan was involved. Steve was killed by a stingray, whose tail pierced his heart. The Father said that the enemy can move on animals, or people, or circumstances, and he has murder on his mind, all over the world. So, be careful.