Saturday, September 16, 2006

A motor scooter for Pastor Jean

We are asking the Father about getting a motor scooter for Pastor Jean in Rwanda. Right now he walks wherever he goes, but with a motor scooter he would be able to take the pictures of Jesus and the dvds THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, all around in Rwanda and also in the Congo, where he has contacts. Pastor Jean said that there is one for sale for $500 US dollars, (and another for $625) so we asking Jesus to help us raise the money. It would be such a wonderful tool for Him.
There are a few other things in our prayers for provision right now. One is the land for Brother Joseph and the Believers Ministry in Ghana. (They are refugees from Togo.) They have an opportunity to get some land if they can put a down payment on it. The landlord has already offered to let them rent the place for two years for half price. We asked Jesus about it and He said to send them the down payment of $100, which we will do. However, the money is coming out of the mailing money, so we will have to wait to send the packages that we have ready for Rwanda. Ghana, and Pakistan. Well, Jesus will provide. We also need to make some payments to our printer on the next batch of pictures. Please join us in praying for provision for these needs. Every army needs provision, and that is how we view the needs that are before us now. It is provision to go out with Jesus, to all the world.