Monday, September 11, 2006

The battle over ideas

On Saturday 9-9-06, I saw a huge army in the sky. It stretched from one side of the sky to the other. It was as though there was a huge battle, but I did not see fighting, only the enormous gathering of an army or armies.

The battle is being fought over the world, over the thoughts and beliefs of mankind, and in particular over America, at the fifth anniversary of the attack on 9/11. Silvana described the help that the Father is going to bring to us on her blog site. The Father is going to help us to stand, to see the truth, to feel what we felt five years ago, while Satan has been working to undermine America and the war on evil by accusation after accusation against the leaders of the war, and by a mindset to reject the necessity of the war.

Silvana was in the Spirit yesterday and she said that Satan has crossed a line, and made mistakes. 9/11 is a line. The very real threat to our country is a line. A proposed assassination of the president, as shown in a movie which just came out, is a line. Satan is trying to get his radical elements to stand, including his radical element in America and around the world, that blame America for the attacks on us. There is a new hardness - a steel - within many Americans, and Canadians, and Australians, and British, to stand against this, against the false blame, against the lies, against the undermining.

The plane bomb threats in Britain were a warning, which is resonating in our spirits. The Father is going to give us a spirit of remembrance to what we felt on 9/11/01, a spirit with a depth of seriousness. Winston Churchill was serious about the threat that England and the world faced and he galvanized his nation to stand. The Father will give us inspiration, like a breeze blowing; like one of the seeds filled with cool water that we saw about each picture of Jesus, as though it broke over us, refreshing and enlightening us from His Holy Spirit.

We are going to see something spectacular and supernatural by this help in the Spirit that the Father brings to us. The Father is waking people up to the truth, to see good and evil, and to see what is at stake. The Father leads the war, and especially the battles over ideas, over beliefs. As Silvana said, since Zarqawi there has been a turning point. People are coming to their senses and standing as never before and now the Father will strengthen us even more. The timing is powerful considering the coming elections. How dangerous it would be to put liberals, who are inspired by the enemy, back into power with so much at stake. It is Satan's voice that is behind their voices. The Father's voice is stronger, is more powerful, as we will see by the response to the movement of His Spirit.