Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Working on the website

I have been working today on posting more of the prophecies from Silvana Lupetti. I can't resist reading them as I work, and they are so powerful. I was in tears over some of what the Father said to Israel. (Right now the prophecies to Israel are mixed in with the other series, but I will separate them for the page about Israel that still needs to be constructed.)

Also, reading what the Father said of the war on terror is so right and true. He tells women, "I am delivering into freedom women all over the world out of the hand of tyranny." He speaks to fathers and tells them, "You are the one they need. Come back to them. Come back and cover your families. I will help you. I will protect you and I will lead you, just as a Father does."

We sent pictures of Jesus to Pamela in Washington State and when she opened the packet and saw the picture of Jesus, He spoke to her. He said, "You are healed". Silvana and I have been talking about this ever since Pamela wrote to us to tell us about it. It is true, and Jesus was not just speaking of her but of all of us. There is a healing in our spirits, as I will expound on later. Slvana said that next will come healing from what we think of ourselves.