Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mounting Evidence

Some news stories have come out lately that back up what the Father has been showing us. For instance, the Father said that He was going to do a "hostile takeover of Hollywood" so we have been waiting to see the changes in Hollywood. Now, there are three different news stories that show changes in Hollywood from their normal anti-American, anti-war stance. First is the article we mentioned in which Nicole Kidman and other A-list actors criticized the terrorists. Second is the film, THE PATH TO 9/11, which Bill Clinton and his supporters tried to stop from airing, or change it to more favorably reflect on them and their actions. With all the friends that the democrats have in Hollywood, they still were unable to stop the film from being shown. The third is where COSTNER BLASTS BUSH ASSASSINATION FILM " about the infamy of the snuff film "Death of a President" in which President Bush is assasinated. We know that what the Father says will indeed happen, so we watch and pray as He continues to act to bring Hollywood back to their senses, back to a place that supports America, as they should have been doing all along. A hostile takeover of Hollywood is just what we need.

The rain in New Mexico is continuing, especially in our neighborhood, just as Silvana asked the Father for rain. I was coming home from another nearby town recently where it had been sunny and clear all day, although I heard it was raining at home. As I approached our town, I saw a thick set of clouds in the middle of the sky. It literally looked as though they were parked over our neighborhood. You could look to the left and to the right, no clouds, just this gathering over us. We have had rain every day. I have lived here for 16 years and never have I seen anything like this.

I commented in an earlier blog that in the arena of ideas in the war on terror, that amongst Muslims the truth about the horror of murder in terrorism is percolating. I saw this by the Holy Spirit. Minds have changed and people are starting to see the truth. Since my comments, I have seen two separate editorials from Muslims in newspapers against terror and for freedom. One is ONE ARAB'S APOLOGY, and the other is called Kill us, too: We are also Americans.