Saturday, September 16, 2006

A warning coming true: persecution in Pakistan

This is something I have been warning about by the Holy Spirit for a few years, that persecution is going to increase in Pakistan, and also India and other nations especially where Muslims have power. When Pastor Nelson came to visit earlier this year I warned him about what the Holy Spirit said about persecution in his nation (Pakistan). I have written to others in Pakistan to warn them as well. It is like being in the lair of the enemy. I also remember the Holy Spirit saying of Pakistan and India, "I want to call a Bride from India, I want to call a Bride from Pakistan".

As I saw the people of India and the people of Pakistan from the eyes of the Holy Spirit, it was as though they were one people. (Later I realized that they do indeed share a common background. They used to be one nation, one people. They split into two nations; three eventually, with Bangladesh being the third, because some people were Muslim and some people were Hindu.)

The Holy Spirit said that He has a message to the two groups of people: to Muslims: the message to Muslims is that they can know the Father. Allah does not speak to them. It is not expected that they will get to know Allah, but they are expected to do what is written in the Koran, but they don't have nor are expected to have a relationship with him. The Holy Spirit said that their spirits yearn to hear from their Creator. So, this is what should be said to Muslims: talk to Jesus and He will talk to you. This message is true. Jesus is no respecter of persons. If they talk to Him, Jesus will answer. Remember, the Father talked to Adam, Abraham, Noah, Job, and to Cain both before and after he killed his brother. Allah is not the Father. Allah does not speak to people, but the Father does and so does Jesus. Pray for Muslims to come to this truth, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The message to the Hindus is different. The Hindu religion teaches that man is reincarnated over and over until he reaches a higher state. Because each reincarnation is based on his or her actions in the last life, people believe that they should not interfere with another person's karma, or fate that determines their next life. So, people can be in dire straits, dying in the streets, and other Hindu will look away or step over the dying body. The effect on the spirit of the person being ignored is deep. From the depth of their spirit, from their heart, they feel unwanted and unloved and uncared for. The message from the Holy Spirit to Hindus is simple: Jesus loves you. He genuinely is interested in you and your life (He is alive and knows your name) and He loves you. His death was for you. Talk to Jesus, ask Him for help, and He will help you. Then, you can get to know Him, your loving Savior, who truly loves you.

Each person on earth needs to know the truth: Jesus is alive you can know Him. If you talk to Him, He will talk to you. He really loves you. You were created by Him to know Him, and He wants you to have a friendship with Him. Though this is true to all, yet the Holy Spirit has this particular and pointed message to the two individual groups. Pray for Hindus and Muslims. Ask the Father to get pictures of Jesus into their hands. Pray for those being persecuted.


Religious intolerance growing in Pakistan(News Report)
Sectarian and religious intolerance is growing in Pakistan, as is the number of complaints of minority people being forcibly converted to Islam and forced from their homes, a rights group said on 5 September 2006. The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said division on the basis of religious belief only added to the dangers facing society. Most of Pakistan's 160 million people are Muslim but there are small Christian, Hindu, Sikh communities. "Sectarian and religious intolerance is growing. Non-Muslim citizens have faced numerous attacks," Iqbal Haider, the commission's secretary general said in a statement. "There have also been more and more complaints regarding the forced conversion of Hindu and Christian girls and in June, about 100 members of the minority Ahmadis sect were forced out of their villages near Daska in Sialkot district," he said.
Ahmadis are a break-away sect declared non-Muslims in Pakistan in 1974 because they believe the 19th-century founder of their sect was a Prophet. In another example of intolerance, in the southern city of Karachi, a Hindu temple has been encroached upon and is being used to slaughter cows. Hindus consider cows sacred animals. "This dangerous division in society based on the basis of belief and the official support given to discrimination, can only add to the dangers faced by society," Haider said. He did not elaborate on what he meant by official support. Government officials were not immediately available for comments but they have said in the past that religious minorities enjoy full rights in society and government takes appropriate measures to address any excesses against them. The rights group also expressed concern over what it described as the increasing Talibanisation in the North West Frontier Province, where followers of Afghanistan's hardline Taliban have been trying to impose their vision of society.
The group said attacks on girls' schools, video shops and barber shops had grown. "This situation is alarming," Haider said. The group also said the disappearance of dozens of people picked up by security agencies across the country was a disturbing new trend. "The HRCP has received complaints from all across the country and we are compiling details. The government should locate these people," Haider said.