Thursday, September 14, 2006

from last year: March 12, 2006

I am working on the new website. I was looking through the mail from last year and I found the following letter, which was sent to our maiing list on March 12, 2005 I think it is timely because of what the Holy Spirit has said about praying for current events.
Today we were watching the news about the man in Georgia, USA, who shot and killed a judge, a sheriff's deputy and a court clerk. As we watched, the man was in a hostage situation in an apartment building. By the Holy Spirit, we could see exactly how the man felt, and what was in his spirit, so we talked to him, directly to his spirit. We said, "Be calm. There is nowhere to go from here. Don't hurt anyone else, but just stop." As we spoke, we could feel his response. Minutes later, he surrendered.

The Holy Spirit said to us that the television is like a transmitter. It can transmit to you and you can transmit through it, by His Spirit. The news and other programs show what is happening in the world. As you watch, it is as though you are present, and by Him, you can speak to those you see, and in the spirit they will hear you. What a tool for His servants in this day and hour! Our God is acting with power. ...God bless you. Keep standing with the Father and praying for the world, and especially for freedom for all.... March 12, 2005