Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kenneth Ezra's dreams of the Jews

Hello Char, Good Morning. Hope you are Ok. I had 2 dreams last night.
9-8-06 The First dream: I was in either Russia or Germany, or dictatorial regime in Uganda of Idi Amin Dada (the late), it puzzles me up to now were exactly it was, most probably it was Russia because of the historical monuments I was seeing around me-such as the soviet socialist symbols, there was kind of a great general assembly of top politicians but the one speaking as their leader was black who looked to be like Amin, Martin Luther or Denzel Washington (Hollywood actor) or Hitler(but when he is black).

The speaker of the congregation (mostly black people) was standing on a top pulpit from the rest of the audience. I then heard him announce that there was going to be a take over/ some kind of coup, that the leadership in power was through with the JEWS, that enough was enough with the JEWS, the take over was then announced and it was said that all JEWS in top political positions were demoted from Power, that it was time up for them; within the congregation I saw blacks standing up (these were supposedly the demoted JEWS) and approaching the pulpit, however when about three of them approached the main speaker to shake his hands as a sign of fare well, he was so fierce/angry with them, he slapped one on the cheek so hard and he pressed the others hand so hard he caused him terrible pain. The JEWS were to be gathered and taken to what seemed like concentration camps where they would be killed. I then saw many of them being lined up (these were Black People but in my dream I knew them as JEWS) mostly were elderly women.

Cars (vans/wagons) came in carrying trays of eggs, the eggs were then of loaded from them to create space for packing the awaiting people, I then saw an Iraqi man putting on a white shirt with blue stripes, he wasn’t saying any thing but he was moving up and down. I then saw a very angry black man packing up the elderly black women in the cars after the eggs had been off loaded, the elderly women were crying but the fierce man didn’t care as he piled them into the vans/wagons, fixing them hard like they couldn’t fit, it was a horrible site to see people being packed like logs in levels, one level of people after another with sack cloth separating each level of people that were packed, leaving no room for them to breath. It was so terrible.

The Second Dream: I was in a Bus with about three Friends, we didn’t know were we were going, after some while the bus stopped, we saw a mammoth/massive troop of aggressive people coming our direction(they were running down a hill to our bus) when they reached the bus they told us to move out and give them room, we moved out, as we moved out they were forcefully entering, it was a struggle, only the strong could survive not being crushed by this fierce/angry mob as they made their way into the bus, I was forcefully struggling to make my way through this mob but it wasn’t easy, suddenly I felt the need to know were my friends were but I couldn’t see them in all this confusion, I then heard the Voice……….”The Wheat will be Separated from the Whey……..” After I managed to free my self from the mammoth fierce crowd, I ran and I found my self in the valley, just next to where the hill started from, before I could climb the hill, I stopped to look back in search of my friends and I saw them just close behind me and we were all Happy.
I have to go now, hope you can help to interpret the dreams if at all its possible-Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU. Yours In Christ, Kenneth Ezra.

Thank you for sending the dreams, Kenneth Ezra. I always appreciate seeing what the Holy Spirit is showing us through the dreams that He gives. I see from the first dream a picture of persecution of Jews that comes from people in the world. It is as though the UN opposed Israel and came against the Jews by their actions. The fact that you could not tell who exactly it was in the dream, finally settling on Russia, is because it is different leaders, different sources in the world, but there is only one opposing really, and that is Satan. Communist and socialist and liberal forces are his forces, as are Muslim forces. He is behind the persecution and opposition.

The eggs have a significance having to do with our DNA, or changes to our bodies. We will see how that plays out in the days ahead. If I see in more detail what it signifies I will comment here. The cars/vans/ etc that the eggs were in, and which were used to transport the Jews signifies the vehicles (means) that Satan uses. At least the eggs were removed from the one car before the Jews were loaded in. May they be safe from that terrible deception to mankind coming from the liar!

In the second dream, the bus represents the vehicle used by Al Queda and Muslim forces. I have seen this bus before. One time Satan came to me on a bus filled with Muslims where I sat quietly in the back. He came and looked into my face to see if I understood what I saw seeing, what I was dreaming. At the time, I did not. Although there was a big crowd, they do not have the power that the first group has, but they will work together in a sense, because the first will weaken Israel, while the second directly attacks. The Valley you dreamt of is the Valley of Armageddon, because the Muslims will take us to the gathering there. Y0u come out of the dream happy with your friends, because we will all be happy after Jesus our Savior returns, as He will when the events in the dream are fulfilled.