Sunday, October 08, 2006

Poison in the pot and observations about Satan

In the last few days I have seen Satan different times standing in a kitchen with a pot with poison in it. I mentioned this in two places on the blogs: one in my own blog: I saw Satan today. He was walking in his camp. Then, I saw a kitchen, with Satan inside. He had a pot on a stove and he was making something for mankind. Of course it is sure to be poisonous. I saw the Father, calmly watching Satan.
The second place was in Yahoo Messenger today, which is posted on Silvana's blog. I see the enemy as I saw him yesterday, in a kitchen at a stove, cooking something in a pot, and he hears what is being said by Silvana through the Holy Spirit, and he has his shoulders hunched as he cooks up this evil brew, whatever it is, and he pretends to not hear as the Father lays out the truth. Well, there is a news story tonight about poisoning in Iraq: Hundreds of Iraq Police Sick From Poison. Whatever the enemy does, the Father sees.
If you have not yet read Silvana's blog about her speaking in Yahoo Messenger, do so. Through her, the Father speaks to Satan, telling him what is coming; healing to Rwanda, and overthrow of all the high places that Satan has erected in many nations. One thing that Silvana said in Yahoo is not posted as she was speaking of Satan earlier today. She said something about Satan and his "kingdom of self." I thought that was such a powerful phrase. Of course we know that it is through self that he moves on man, appealing to man's sin, which is self over others. However, Satan himself is in his own world, his own kingdom, which is a kindom based on himself. He is as much a slave to self, to sin, to evil, as any human could ever be.
The Holy Spirit has been revealing Satan and his nature and his plans and actions, especially this last year, to both Silvana and to me. As I have observed him, one thing I have noted is his total lack of care for anyone who is with him. Demons that have left heaven because of him; he could care less. His closest allies, no care. There is no emotion, nothing that comes from him, towards anyone, except for hate. He is totally one hundred percent involved with self. He cares for himself and no other. He would bring the world with every human being, every demon, to total annhiliation without a qualm for the sake of himself. And what a way that the Holy Spirit put this: kingdom of self.