Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Powerful Dream


I dreamt that I was in a house that was being left in my care. I had only been in a few of the rooms when I left to go around the neighborhood. I made friends with people there, especially with the children. I was planning to take two of the children on an outing but then their mother came over with them to visit me, so we went into the house instead. It was a boy and a girl and a woman. I started to give them a tour of the house.

The first floor seemed to have many bedrooms and sitting rooms but not too many people in it. We went to the second floor and went into a room that was filled with many tv screens, and what looked like radar screens. Many of the tv screens were turned off and I wondered aloud if they were even connected. There was a serious man in the room who was watching the radar screens. We went out of that room into a large room with many couches on the same floor. There were many people in the room in little groups. They were talking. They seemed to be taking turns giving testimonies about their own church. The people in each group were from the same church, and there were many groups, representing many different churches. As they went around the room giving the testimonies one man said something about his church being "nothing but dung". This caused an enormous outcry in the room. Some felt that the man meant that the church building didn't matter and that everything is nothing but dung compared to Jesus Himself and they defended his statement. Others were deeply offended and they wanted the man ostracized for using the word "dung". When we left, they were still arguing among themselves.

The children and the mother and I went to the third floor, which was the top floor. It was a large room with rows of pews. We entered through the back of the room. As we were standing there in a little room off to the side, people started gathering in the pews. There was to be a meeting on "who is the anti-christ?" The woman and the two children looked at me to see what I would say but I didn't know what to say because the Holy Spirit wasn't saying anything to me, so I was silent. The people continued to gather and the pews were almost full, when suddenly the Holy Spirit moved on me and I saw the answer to the seminar. I walked over the back of the pews and spoke in a loud voice and everyone turned to look at me and listened as I spoke. I recognized the way that I was speaking as being from the Holy Spirit. (In real life I am somewhat soft-spoken and my voice never carries as well as when I am in the Spirit and He has something powerful to say.)

In the dream, in a loud voice I said, "The Muslims expect a savior to come, called the 12th Imam. Rusty's daughter-in-law heard a voice saying to her that the twelveth iman will come and that he will be the anti-christ and this is right." I was going to expound on this when I woke up.

(It actually happened that Rusty's daughter in law heard a voice saying that the twelfth imam would be the anti-christ, and I have been waiting on the Holy Spirit since Rusty wrote to me about it recently, but the Father hadn't said anything to me before this dream.)


This dream is in large part about the church. The house is the church, the neighborhood is the world. The children are the lambs, those in the highways and byways. I don't know what their mother represents. The first floor is the personal floor. The bedrooms are where we sleep, the sitting rooms are like living rooms, personal. Not many people were there because not many people have a personal relationship with Him such as we describe: a relationship such as Abraham had with Him. Some, but not many.

The second floor is the church floor: "the upper room". The room that had television sets and radar screens did not have many people in it, but some. There was a man watching the radar. He had a chair on wheels, like a computer chair, which he used to wheel around to look at different screens. He hardly glanced at us when we came through because he was intent on watching the screens. There were others in the background in that room, but not too many. This represents looking into events in the world (the tv screens) and the spirit (the radar screens). Some see Satan and what he is really doing, but not many. There is much talk of Satan and demons in the church, but hardly any talk about what he is really doing worldwide, especially concerning good and evil, and terrorism versus freedom. The man in the chair might well be someone like Pastor John Hagee, who does see what is happening with Satan and radical Islam and teaches about it. Most of the tvs in the room were turned off. Many in the church don't look at events in the world and go to the Father about them, but teach only of themeselves and how they interpret the Scriptures.

Also on the second floor was the large room with the couches and the many groups of people. This was the part of the house that had the most people. What a look at the church the Holy Spirit gives here! Their conversation is about their own particular church and they were quick to condemn the one who spoke in a manner that offended them, although they must know that the Apostle Paul said that he considers all things dung compared to knowing Jesus, and being found in Him: "But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith." (Philippians 3:7-9)

The third floor represents the level in which we confront Satan. The anti-christ comes from him. There was a space in the front of the pews as there normally is in churches. The floor in the front was not lifted up, but was on the same level as the floor under the pews. No one was there. The children and the woman and I were standing in the back in a little room that was attached to the large room with pews. There were large windows between the two rooms. The room we were in was somewhat like a nursing room that some churches have for nursing mothers. You can be near enough to hear the sermon, yet have privacy to feed your baby. When the Holy Spirit moved on me in the dream, I immediately went into the back of the larger room and began speaking. The significance of my speaking from the back of the pews, rather than from the front, is because I do not come through the church. I speak from the Holy Spirit through the website or emails or on our tv show, and to people we meet, but I do not come from or through any specific church. Most of the pews were full. There are many people who believe that these are the "end times" and that Jesus' return is rapidly approaching and that the anti-christ will emerge soon.

We can see by the dream that this is what Satan has planned: to bring a leader to the Muslims who will be believed to be the twelfth imam. The prophet Silvana has talked about the fact that Satan wants to be "hands on" in his dealings with mankind. He moves now on people, and influences them to act, but he wants to move more directly and powerfully. This is what he will do through this Muslim leader, to be directly involved, 24/7, every moment of every day and night.