Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Letter exchange from Pastor Jean in Rwanda

God bless you! I was so happy to talk to you and I am glad now to receive again this support from you! I love you so much! And I know that you love me very much too and all you do is because of our love in Christ! I told to my wife that we spent 4 hours in Chat and she was estonished! She said "they love you so much! All 4hours! AS if they are your sisiters and brothers of same mother and same father!" But in Jesus it is so! WE have same FATHER!All my brothers and sisiters I love you! Thank you for all! Bless you
Yours Jean.

Dearest Brother Jean, yes, we love you, you have stood under hard circumstances, and you have stayed true to Jesus. Your heart is full of love and we are so glad that we can work together to help the Father heal Rwanda.

Could you ask the Father about giving us your testimony of the genocide and also your wife, I know it's painful but the Father will help you. It is only 2005 that the Rwandan government has officially recognized the fact that it was a genocide. And now the Father comes into Rwanda to heal the inner wounds as well as the physical wounds. Please ask Him and see about your genocide testimonies. Greetings to your wife, our prayers are with her. A kiss to your children. Together we bring the light and hope of Jesus to the wounded nation of Rwanda.

God bless you richly, dear Jean, in Jesus' matchless Name.

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