Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A letter exchange from Joseph in Ghana

As you can see by the email below that Silvana wrote in reply to Joseph's letter, we had been saying that $200 was the amount that we wanted to send to the Believers in Ghana. We knew that they would need things for the house and farm.We always look to Jesus for the different aspects of OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES, whether it is mailing free pictures, or helping a brother or sister who is part of Operation: Jesus Pictures, or paying the bills around here, so that we can take it to the Father for provision. She and I both saw this amount $200.00 was the right amount needed for Brother Joseph and the Believers with him. Then we received Josephs email in which he mentions the same amount needed. Silvana posted the two emails together earlier today on this blog site, and I saw the Father. I said to Silvana, "the money for this might come in the mail today." I saw the Father and I heard Him saying something about "contribution".

Within a matter of 30 minutes or so, Therese went to the post office and brought back the mail today which had a tithe from Robert and his wife Catherine, which contained the exact amount of $200.00! Thank you, Robert and Catherine your faithfulness bears fruit, and thank you, Father! Perfect timing, perfect amount. See how the Father hears, leads and helps all those who call on Him. He will do this in everyone's life, if you speak He hears, when He speaks and leads, we hear and follow. Please pray for this little flock of people who, even when hungry, gave the pictures of Jesus to anyone they could.

As I was pondering the Father saying, "contribution", I thought that this was a beautiful sight and a beautiful word. All that we do is our contribution to Him, to what He is doing through Operation: Jesus Pictures. The work that I do, the gifts that I have, all that Silvana does, or Doug or Therese, is our contribution to Him and what He is doing. This is the contribution of Robert and Catherine. Others contribute too. Together we carry out His will. Yesterday in a Yahoo Conference I was commenting again about the birds flying together in concert, like angels who fly together, led by the Holy Spirit, turning and moving and acting as He leads. Each of us contributes, while it is the Holy Spirit who leads. And if we follow Him perfectly, as He is perfect, what good will come to the world.
Dear Char, Silvana, Felicia, Therese and everyone at OJP, Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We had been moving since last week to our new blessed home at Gbedekope. Firstly, we put oil around and in the property as the Father instructed us through His Prophet, Silvana. When a photographer comes, we will take some pictures and the property, so that we can mail them to you.We are glad for the package of the Pictures and the seed that you sent, we so much look forward to receiving it. When once we got it, we will let you know. We are already in new planting season now, the vegetables are coming in good time! Our postal address will not change as we will still be getting our mails from the same post office. We continue to rejoice and thank Jesus and all of you there for sharing greatly in our life and future.
It is our continuous joy hearing about he pictures of Jesus that you are sending to several nations. Although the property was fully renovated, there are still some fixtures like sleeping beds, mosquito nets and necessary househol furniture like kitchen table, etc. There are also a lot of miscellenous expenses since we started packing. We also need more watering cans to fetch water from the deep water-well to the farm. Our food resources is also going down. In estimation, it will cost around $200 to fix this needs, and that will also sustain us till our new crops will give yield. Please, ask Jesus for help.Extend our greetings, love and thanks to your families and the rest of the brethren there at OJP. We look forward to hearing from you.
Your brother, Joseph & the brethren here

Reply from Silvana Dearest Joseph and all the brethren with you, we were just yesterday talking about what your needs would be, for food, bedding, medicines etc. And that amount you mention is what we also saw, so see the Holy Spirit working. We are looking to gather that number together and sending it as quickly as possible. The moment we have it we will send it. We trust the Father as you do, and He will provide and we are glad! Give our love and greetings to the flock, we are asking the Father to bless them greatly and give them strength and hope for the days ahead. And you, their brother and leader, we greet you with a holy kiss and our thanks for being loyal and faithful to our Beloved friend, Jesus.

If we can send more we will, just know that we will always be looking to your needs as Jesus directs.

In His love
Char Tierney, Silvana Lupetti and all with us