Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thank you Jesus

Pastor Jean has the motor scooter, which was provided for him by Antonio and Nikki, for Jesus' sake! He will be able to take the pictures of Jesus all over Rwanda. We will post a picture of the motor scooter as soon as he is able to send it to us. We are so happy for Rwanda's sake. The other day Silvana saw the Father. He was moving through Rwanda with His arms outstretched. In his hands was a net, which stretched from border to border. He moved from south to north, gathering up demons in the net. He is bringing freedom to Rwanda.

Jean sent us a few pictures of people being baptized who had received pictures of Jesus and watched the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. In this picture, in which Jean is baptizing a young man, I saw angels standing behind them watching, glad for this joyous sight.

Have you been reading all the blogs we post? You should! We got seeds for the garden for Brother Joseph in Ghana, after they were able to get the land, and although the price of the seeds should have been over $150, we only paid $5. It cost us less to mail the package to Joseph, with 5000 pictures of Jesus included with the packets of seeds, than it would have to pay for the original price of the seeds. Jesus again leads us with perfect timing. Thank you, Jesus.

Silvana said, "Why can't we build a church in Rwanda?" Why not a church with Jesus as the foundation, where Pastor Jean could teach the people, with the great trust in the Father that he himself has, and where pictures of Jesus could be distributed to many. We are definitely waiting on the Father for this. It would be a new church, a post-genocidal church, where Jesus is the leader.

Silvana saw angels with toolboxes. She said that they are for people who are doing good in the earth, who have a good influence on others. The toolboxes are so the angels can help them, and expand their sphere of influence.

I saw Satan today. He was walking in his camp. Then, I saw a kitchen, with Satan inside. He had a pot on a stove and he was making something for mankind. Of course it is sure to be poisonous. I saw the Father, calmly watching Satan.