Sunday, October 08, 2006

PICTURES OF THE MOTOR SCOOTER and powerful testimonies

Hello Char! Now I am sending you some pictures, but i first apologize because I could not send them yesterday as i have told you. We sometimes have problem with electricity in our area and when it is gone every thing is stopped! So I send the scooter's pictures with me. You can see me pushing it, on it, beside, and how it looks. I thank you so much. I have sent you some pictures for persons who were baptised after receiving Jesus pictures and watching the movie. You can see also these ones who sent me their pictures after i have sent the previous ones!

I would like to share with you some witnesses of these 3 persons I have phoned them and told them that there are in USA servants of God who love us and send us DVDs and Jesus pictures and they were so happy to hear their witness! So these persons decide to send me pictures too. Yesterday my wife was invited to be in prayers with them at their church and they send me pictures they have promised. One of them is a boy who was addicted in alcoholism and drugs! He says, "Before Jesus catch me I did not know that God Exists! I thought I am me lone and sufficient for me! But now Jesus changed every thing in my heart and my attitudes changed completely! When I received Jesus pictures I thought it was a joke and I said' if really God exist let's see if He can change me!' in the same period I watched also Christ passion movie but it did not say me anything! But in the following time I began to have problems when I took the drugs. I missed peace and became almost foolish! Some times I vomited so much! I became very thinner! I missed peace! One day i missed peace completely and I went in the church! When the pastor was preaching everything he said I understood it concerned me. After he called persons for repentence, I was the 1st! They prayed so much for me! I felt many things were changing in me! I went back home as a new person! After I gave in the Church my testimony how Jesus pursuited me untill I repent! Now my heart is full of peace because I talk to Jesus and he knows me. He witnesses!

The 2nd testimony is from that woman, you see me baptising her! She says that she was born in a family full of demons and all the family was under the demons authority! She says that in her family some girls were given to demons as their wives! Her life was a persecution before she received Jesus! She says she was invited to watch the film of Jesus passion and saw how he was persecuted for healing every body and washing away every sin! so that day she decided herself to receive Jesus as her king and her savior and took Jesus pictures for her and her neighbours! Now she is a choir member and began to preach in her own family, many of them are receiving Jesus! The 3rd girl was a prostitute! But now Jesus healed her! She is an examplary girl in the area and the church.

Now the scooter is well operating and I am still waiting for the package of Jesus pictures and when it arrives every thing will be easy for this time because I haven't any problem of transport. Thank you Char! You said you would like to send me an other fees for gas, thank you so much! God bless you in every thing!
Yours faithfully, Jean