Saturday, October 14, 2006

Indonesia, think "Biblical", ignore the enemy and powerful message to Allah

On January 12, 2005, we sent a post to our mailing list:
On August 6, 2006 we posted some comments in this blog about the tsunami in Indonesia and the Father's purpose for bringing it. There have been continual disasters and problems in Indonesia since the Father acted to bring the tsunami on December 26, 2004.
(From blog) About a year or so before this Tsunami and earthquake, the prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, pointed at a map of the world in that exact spot. She drew a circle on the map with her finger and said, "Something really big is coming here." At the time, we wondered what it would be. Now we know. One reason that the Father is acting so strongly in Indonesia (Tsunami, earthquakes, volcano, and other disasters) is because it is a hotbed of Muslim radicalism. Their actions would be far worse if they had not been hit by the many natural disasters from the Father striking their nation. This is supernatural help from the Father in the struggle against evil. If it wasn't for Him, we would be overcome. When Jesus returns, He will rescue Israel and the whole world.

NEWS ARTICLE: Study: Earth changed after Sumatra quake
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists say they've determined Earth's gravity changed as a result of the giant 2004 Sumatran earthquake. The discovery marked the first time scientists have used satellite data to detect changes in the Earth's surface caused by a massive earthquake.The discovery signifies a new use for data from NASA satellites and offers a possible new approach to understanding how earthquakes work. The 9.1-magnitude December 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake in the Indian Ocean produced a tsunami that killed approximately 230,000 people, while displacing more than 1 million others.The event followed the slipping of two continental plates under the seafloor that raised ocean bed in the region by several feet for thousands of square miles.

Here are two more news stories about Indonesia:

Indonesian military denies terror links:,20867,20521775-2703,00.html

Indonesia asks for help over fires polluting region:

What would we do without the help of the Father? If it wasn't for the problems in that area of the world, we would have much more trouble from the Islamist extremists there. We pray for the innocent children and people involved but we thank the Father for His protection and His leading and power in the war against evil. He knows how to fight this war on terror, and to prepare the world for Jesus' return.

As the news continues to come in about North Korea and its nuclear weapons plans and Iran and the government there, it becomes more and more clear that we not only need the Father to help the world, but that He is indeed in the midst of what is happening and that it is He who calls the nations to account. He is the God of this world, He is the Judge of us all. North Korea cannot continue to starve its people. Iran, Syria, and others cannot continue to oppress the people and keep them from freedom. Yes, there is a fight on our hands, but it is the Father who is acting and we can trust His good judgment as events progress.

The Father told me the other day to tell people, "think 'Biblical'". When you read the Bible and you see the events that happen, they never seem to you as simply the events of the day, they seem imbued with a special significance because they are recorded in the Bible. For instance, we read where the Father told David, "listen for the sound of the wind in the trees and act then, for I am leading you". (paraphrase by me) Or we read of the people who criticized King David and we are indignant and we look for justice from the Father. The Father said, in the same mannner, look at the events on the earth today. See what is happening around the world and then know that the Father is near, the Father is involved. He is either acting, or He will respond, especially as we bring situations to Him by our prayers. View the world as though all these events are "biblical", as though they are happening in the Bible.

I mentioned in the audio blog (episode #2) how I had ignored the enemy who was present because I knew he was there and I know he is a liar, so I was not willing to waste any time or energy on what he said, on what I know to be a lie. The prophet Silvana said that the Holy Spirit showed her something very similiar recently: ignore the enemy. By now we can often recognize our intense feelings when they are being manipulated by an invisble power (the enemy) and we can just ignore the feelings. If we do this, and simply continue on with what we were doing in Jesus, then the feelings will pass and no time will be wasted. And why should we waste time when we are doing such wonderful deeds as we follow the leading of our great and powerful and loving God? So, take this to heart and ask the Holy Spirit to apply it at the right times, and ignore the onslaught of the enemy who comes to discourage or oppress or attempt to interfere through your thoughts and feelings. Be calm and trust Jesus. He knows what He is doing. This is a timely warning from the Holy Spirit.

Did you read the post that Silvana put on her blog about the Father's message to Allah? This is so powerful! The Father wrote on the stone in Mecca with His finger, just as He wrote the ten commandments with His finger. The changes coming to this earth are enormous; changes as momentous as the flood, as leaving the garden of Eden. Our God will be upon this earth, dwelling among us, and Satan will be out of the picture so people all over the world can have freedom and get to know our Saviour and our Creator.

What the Father is showing about the 12th Imam is only a portion of what is going to come from Satan. The twelvth Imam is for the sake of the Muslims, to lead them to act, but it is not the totality of what Satan will do in his role of raising up the antichrist. The Apostle John said that there are many antichrists. Satan has in mind someone that the whole world will believe or want to believe, someone of great deception. Satan was present before the fall of Babel. He knows every language on earth. He is incredibly twisted, incredibly determined, incredibly deceptive, and incredibly dangerous. Let us be careful not to make assumptions, but to continue to follow the Father as He leads, like a flock of birds that flies in formation behind their leader, who sets the course. He knows the way and He knows our enemy, and we don't need to run ahead of Him. He will reveal what we need to know exactly as the time is right.