Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Escalating violence

I dreamt that I was back in the house I lived in as a child. There were people there and we were going to watch a show on a small TV about Russia. I mention this dream because of what the Holy Spirit showed about using the TV to show us truths from Him, to show us what is happening in the world. What is happening within Russia?

I saw something in the Spirit today. I saw angels facing the enemy's camp. I saw a demon come out of the camp. The angels spoke to him so he came closer, then they kidnapped him. They pulled him away from the camp and they were circling him and speaking to him. He said a few things but the angels were more persuasive, since they spoke the truth and he just said what he believed, which is wrong and faulty in its logic, and then they took him away and locked him up. Then, the same crowd of angels went back to face the enemy's camp again. I heard them calling out to Satan's camp, telling them that they had kidnapped the demon. The angels said that there was no loyalty, that no one would defend him. One demon cried out, "I will. You claim that there is nothing good within us (fallen angels) but I will fight for him." Then this demon jumped out of the camp and crouched down, in a defensive position, facing the angels who were by him in a half circle. There was a very brief pause, and then the angels jumped on him and surrounded him and I heard the same arguing as with the first, a give and take in what was said, but again, the angels were persuasive, while the demon was not. Then they took him away, and I saw the Father standing in the background. The kidnapping came from Him. This is real war with real troops. It is fallen angels fighting angels who never fell, with the Father facing off with Satan. Satan is in a murderous mode, while the Father intends to rescue.

Today the Holy Spirit said that we should give some money to Pastor Jean each month so he can help us with the pictures of Jesus is Rwanda. The first thing we want to do is get him a motor scooter so he can get around. There are two available for sale: one is $500 US dollars and the other is $625. The one that is more is a better model, with parts that are easier to get, so we want to buy it. Then we would need to keep Pastor Jean supplied with gas money, which he estimates at just under $80 per month, pictures of Jesus, and some food and misc money. Rusty has already promised to provide his rent, which is $25 per month. Pray for Jean, and if you would like to join in this monthly support, we welcome you. Pictures of Jesus being taken around Rwanda! How wonderful. Jean could eventually take them to all the sixteen cities that the Father showed in His plan for Rwanda. (Which we will be re-posting on the website soon.) I see the Father walking around in Rwanda and I know that He will bring good, and His Son Jesus, wherever He goes.

Silvana and I were talking. We were in the Spirit. I saw the Father as we spoke. He was in a chariot that was moving at a fast speed. The Father switched the reins to one hand. Then, continuing at the same speed, He held out His hand and there was a scroll in it. He either held the scroll out towards us or set it on the seat behind Him in the chariot.

Oh, I see what the Father means. The scroll is something that was written in the past. It is what the Pope quoted in his speech, that is being protested across the world by Muslims. Seven churches in the Palestinian churches have been burned. A nun in Somalia is dead, shot in the back while she was praying because of the speech. There have been riots in many nations because of the Pope's comments. The speeding chariot is to show how fast events on earth are moving. The scroll, the speech, is what is causing the speed of escalating violence. Muslims are now being told by Satan that they must convert the world. I wonder what the kidnapping of the demons has to do with the events on earth? I know the Father always has good reasons for what He does. The war is real and it is fought in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm.