Friday, September 22, 2006

From my notes

9-19-06: I was thinking of Pakistan and the persecution that is coming there. I was concerned for them and I was praying for them. The Father spoke and He said, "The Church in Pakistan will be the Church Triumphant". I saw that persecutions will come, but victory is sure for those who endure and trust Jesus to the end. What a beautiful phrase the Father used to describe them: Church Triumphant! Satan cannot overcome if we will trust in Jesus. He may persecute us, he may kill us, but he cannot overcome us.

9-21-06: I was thinking of playing poker, because I wanted to win some money for Jesus. (I played in a little tournament online and won $30.) Then, I saw a quick vision of myself in a casino. I was wearing an Operation Jesus Pictures hat and sitting at a table with other poker players. Jesus had come with me, but when I looked up, He was not by me, but walking around in the midst of the people. I expected Him to be by me, because I was there (in the vision) to try and win some money for Operation Jesus Pictures. But then I saw, Jesus knew that I am okay. It was the people that He was glad to reach. He walked among them with love, touching them, wanting to reach out to them and help them. I don't think the vision was showing something real that is coming true in reality, but that it was to show Jesus and how He is. He would be so glad to get with people whom He doesn't normally get to be near. In the vision, it was as though many of the people felt guilty because they were in a casino, or because they played poker. They felt like this because some church members think that all gambling is wrong. I said (still in the vision), "The Father minds murder. He minds adultery. He minds taking advantage of the poor, taking advantage of people. Poker is not one of his peeves, not something that matters or is wrong." Of course if someone harms their family by excessive gambling, or gambling with the funds that the family needs, then that is wrong. But playing games together, for money or not for money, is not wrong.

When we give out the pictures of Jesus, we always encourage people to tell others as they give the pictures, "Talk to Jesus. He will talk to you". Sometimes if you have come from the church, you have ideas in your head about who He will talk to and who He will not talk to. The Holy Spirit reminds that the Father talked to Cain both before and after he murdered his brother, Abel. The Father WILL talk to anyone who comes to Him, who speaks to Him, if they believe that He will, and they wait for Him to answer. This is important. The Holy Spirit does not want us to limit Him by what we think. We are not Him. Just as Jesus was walking around in the casino, when I expected Him to be by my side, just the same, the Holy Spirit will be about the business of bringing people to know Jesus, and we should not interfere by our religious judgments, but we should turn all people to Jesus without judgment.

9-22-06 Today I saw the Father bare His arm and flex His muscles. He has a very large and powerful arm. He held His arm in that position, with muscles flexed.