Friday, September 22, 2006


I had a dream a few weeks ago: I dreamt that Therese and I were walking through the woods. I had a club (a baseball bat) in my right hand. We were on a path in the woods and she was slightly behind me. I told her to hand me another club for my left hand and she did, so I immediately began beating with the clubs a creature on the path in front of me. When I did, the creature turned into a reporter. Suddenly, we were seated at a table and I was still beating him. The reported repented so I quit hitting him, because that is why I was beating him. He turned to speak to the public. I thought he would be sorry for himself and blaming me for what I had done to him with the clubs but he took full responsibility for what had been done to him. He said that he deserved it and he began to powerfully expound the truth to the people: support the war, turn from evil, etc.

Jordan had a dream just a day or two before my dream: he dreamt that he was on a roller coaster with his family that went all over the world. The roller coaster was going 800 miles per hour. Suddenly, they sped up and began going 1500 miles per hour. He said the pressure of the increased speed pushed him back in his chair in the roller coaster. After they started going 1500 mph, they were going up a second hill (a big ramp) and they were almost to the crest of the hill and he knew that there was a third hill ahead.

In my dream, the Holy Spirit is showing that some of the media are going to be supportive of the war, rather than what has been in the past, with constant opposition to it, and opposition to President Bush, with little real support. Let me give an example: now that Israel is in such danger, some people are supportive of the war on terror who never spoke up before. But, they face a formidable stronghold now, because they never spoke up in the past. Because they were silent, keeping to themselves in the face of constant assault on President Bush, and the war on terror, a huge world-wide stronghold has been able to be put in place by Satan. So, those who were silent, deserve the blows they received in the dream. The media in particular deserves blows. We all deserve it, though, don't we? At the end of the film, Shindler's List, Herr Shindler weeps when he sees the ring he wears: I could have gotten one more Jewish person free, he laments. Each of us can lament for what more we could do for Jesus. The dream is good news. May many speak up loud and clear through their news articles, their news stories: the war can be won! The war must be supported! President Bush is supporting America and fighting terrorism!

Jordan's dream shows the times: 8 is the number of man with God and the hundreds place showed the level we had reached. (Satan's number is 600 - remember the 600, 60, and 6 in the Scriptures. That is Satan, Lucifer and man united together.) So, we had reached a fight with Satan, on his level. Now, in the dream, the 800 leaps up to 1500, which is the remnant - 5, (5,5,5 or 15) at the thousands level. The thousands level can only be entered with God. It is too high for man on his own, it is high for the enemy's realm. The second hill being crested, leads to the third hill, which is the third phase, as we have been mentioning. We are leaving the second phase, we are at the very crest of the second, ready to race down and begin the third.

I am trusting that you will ask the Father about the dreams, just as you must ask Him about everything you read here so you can understand what is being shown by the Spirit of God, who is leading us in this war against evil, as the return of Jesus draws nearer with every second.