Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dream: "We are at war"

9-23-06 I dreamt last night that I was traveling around to different places. I went to a building where there were many people. People were standing around in groups, or seated at tables, talking among themselves. The women were in dresses. I moved around among them and to every group I would say the same thing, in reply to whatever they were talking about, I would say, "But we are at war". I spoke in a loud voice so my voice carried to all the groups. People continued to talk quietly in groups and no one responded directly to my comments. I saw President GW Bush come in and he went and talked to a group of people at one of the small groups of tables. He heard me and he looked up and smiled at me and nodded his head at me, as I continued to talk to people, proclaiming again and again, "but we are at war and while at war we must...." I don't remember what I said we must do, but whatever the topic, I would remind again that we were at war. I was barely within the realm of polite behavior. I could tell that sooner or later that if I kept raising my voice, that someone would probably come and ask me to quiet down, or to leave. Heads were starting to turn to look at me.

I went down the street and I came to another building, Many people were inside. I was walking with a young child in front of me, and behind me were two men, who I knew to be thieves. In the dream, my office, my place of business was inside the building. There were two doors and most of the people were inside, near the front door. The child in front of me opened the second door, which I had expected to be locked. I stepped inside quickly to try and shut the door and an alarm went off, so everyone looked up at me. Most were sitting at tables or on couches. Before I could call out or shut the door, the two men followed me into the business. They came in and went to the central part of the building, where there was a small open kitchen. They started to tinker with things in the kitchen. The whole business was like one huge room with the kitchen in the middle. I said loudly, "these men are thieves" but no one reacted. One of the two men didn't like me to say that, so he came towards me in a threatening manner. One or two of the men in the room moved closer to me to see what was happening but they made no move yet to stop it. I said again, in the same loud voice that I had been using throughout the whole dream, "These men are thieves".

The second time I said this, the threatening thief grabbed a hose connected to the sink and sprayed me with water. There wasn't much force, but I fell backwards. In fact, I tripped and fell down. The man who sprayed me roared at me, but I got up, and was turning around to face him, wondering if the people in the room were going to respond to the danger that they were in. Then I woke up.

This is what I see by the Holy Spirit about the dream: The people in the first set of buildings are like the church, or people in general. They were living their lives as though everything was the same as always, while I was trying to warn them of the fact that we are at war. President George W. Bush was doing the same: going around speaking of the war and the seriousness of the times. In the church, there was not much response. People looked at me, and they heard me, but although there was some temptation to act, mainly they felt that I was breaking social barriers by my "rudeness" in speaking louder than normal. (I was not shouting, I was just speaking loud.)

In the second portion of the dream, the child opened a door that should have been locked and the thieves were able to get in because of it. This dream reflects the warning that the Holy Spirit is giving us: be careful. It is exactly how the enemy would work: moving through a child, who knows no better. Accidents will happen that will come through innocent situations. Be alert, be careful, in all situations. The people in the second portion of the dream were at my place of business. The business is the Father's business. The people inside could be considered to be "the remnant". They have business to do, unlike the first people who only talked. So the people with business, have some idea of working, of doing the will of the Father. The "thieves" were demons, there to steal. The one demon who was threatening me did not harm me but he tried to intimidate me and when that did not work, he sprayed me with a hose.

Now, the truth about me in real life is that I am sort of a spoilsport when it comes to water games. We have an aboveground pool and we have all sorts of water battles and water games for relaxation in the summer. We also like to have water balloon fights, but everyone here knows that I am no fun. The one you want to water fight with is Silvana and also Therese and Doug and Anthony. They all give and take, while I have to be forced into a water game. The reason that I don't enjoy it so much is because I used to have a very high internal temperature and water thrown on me would almost sizzle on my skin, and I never cared much for it. If you threw water on me, I screamed. (Which was kind of fun for them, but mostly they were all pretty nice to me about it, and they just tend to just leave me out of the water games.)

The Holy Spirit showed me that this is relevant to the dream. The demon first moved threatening on me. Second, he sprayed water on me, and then he tried to frighten me by roaring at me. The water did not really hurt me. I moved backwards in surprise and probably backed off a little because it was water spraying on me, but I was not hurt. However, the demon used what is particular to me, to threaten me and to act against me. We who are about the Father's business can look to Him for our safety, but the enemy will come against us personally, with knowledge of what affects us and what does not. Do you worry about your daughter? Then, be sure that your feelings and emotions will be pressed in that area. Do you fear for your health? All sorts of fears will arise over it. I wish I had not awakened until I saw that the men and women in the room were going to stand up and defend me and themselves and throw the demons out, but that did not happen. Would it? Do you who are trying to do the will of the Father see by the Holy Spirit what is happening around you? Do you know it is war? Are you careful? Do you see when the enemy truly moves against you, or are you guessing? Are you about the Father's business? To whom have you given pictures of Jesus, or shown THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST this week? What news story did you follow and take it to the Father?

After I woke up, I was waiting on Jesus about the dream, and I saw the demon who was in the dream. Angels surrounded him, like they did to the other demons who were kidnapped recently by angels. I questioned the demon, "What were you there to steal? Joy? Peace?" The demon kept averting his head to avoid my questions, but I persisted. Finally, he said, "Things. We were there to take things: whatever we could". THINGS. He means things we have: our provision, but he is a liar. Really, I think the questions I asked came from the Holy Spirit and that they were there to steal our joy, our hope, everything that we receive from Jesus, which is far greater than our provision in the natural realm. What we have in the natural realm is to be used by Jesus, but we have learned to be content in all situations, as Paul did, and we look to the Father for what we need to give out pictures of Jesus. But when we are opposed in our hope, our joy, we are truly affected, and it will push us back from our service to Jesus faster than anything.

After I saw what I did about the dream, the Holy Spirit showed something else to me. He said to tell everyone to read the blogs in the morning, to go to the OJP web site and read the news stories that we post every day or two. Go to the links on our Home Page sidebar and read there whenever you can. This will bring you to where the Father is, to what He is saying, to what He is caring about, and it will invigorate you and give you energy during the day, because as you do this, you will start your day with something to stand for: your attention and your heart will be centered on what the Father is doing and that will give you purpose, which will push the enemy back and help you to serve the Father well.