Friday, September 22, 2006

Serious warning: death

From an email post that we sent on July 7, 2005: The Father is warning us and showing us how things look from His perspective. On June 29, 2005, Char Tierney saw a vision from the Father. She saw the Father sitting on a bench on the edge of the heavenlies. He said to her, "Come up here". Suddenly she saw herself standing by the bench and she sat down. As she looked out from the bench over the earth, she could see down below in the distance, the enemy's camp up over the earth. Then, on the earth, she saw a plain. The Father commented, "I have a higher vantage point than the enemy". On the plain, she saw a being that looked like a shark. It had its mouth open, and jagged teeth were showing. Before it was a fish, which it was pursuing. Today, the Father reminded Char of that vision, and He said that the fish represents people: the people that we are striving to reach as we become fishers of men for Jesus' sake. The shark was Satan, who is striving with all his might to kill mankind, whether they are in England, or America, or Jordan, or Iraq, or in your neighborhood. It is war on every level: global, national, state-wide and right to our very doors, seeking to destroy our neighbors, seeking to kill our children. It is war over humanity. Silvana was asking the Father to bring justice to the murderers of the Egyptian Ambassador that was kidnapped and then killed today in Iraq, she saw the vision that I saw: she saw a fish with a shark behind with open mouth, then she saw a larger shark with its mouth open, right behind the first shark. The larger shark is the Father.

The other day, Sept 20, 2006, Jesus said to me, "Warn them to be careful. This stage of the enemy's campaign will bring death". We see death all over the world, of course, but Jesus was speaking of us. Many of you have had car accidents in your family (so many that it is just astounding) or other mishaps. Jesus has protected, Jesus has helped. Jesus is warning that now is the time to be very serious about the enemy's plans. It involves you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and every person on earth. It is death, it is suicide, it is pain and horror and suffering that he has in mind. If you are careful and look to Jesus, you will be safe. Don't ignore warnings. Use wisdom as you are out in the world.

Of course we don't care about death itself, knowing how much better it would be personally to be in the heavenlies, to be with the Cloud of Witnesses who are watching the war on earth. Our friends are there: David, Adam, Job, Abraham, Paul, Samson, Ruth, Esther, and so many others, besides Jesus our beloved. But pain will come to our families, and we don't want to lose our effectiveness in reaching our neighbors, our townsmen and women, and people around the world for Jesus' sake. So, take the warning. Yesterday I was sternly telling Anthony this warning and telling him to be careful as he drives, and then I walked home. While I was walking, Jesus came up to me and smiled and said, "I have plans for Anthony that are good. He just needs to be warned, not scared to death." I went back to Therese's house and told Anthony what Jesus said, and Anthony said, "I am glad you told me. I was thinking, maybe I better not drive at all." I don't mean to frighten, but I do want to give the warning with all earnestness because it is true.

A dear friend of ours, of Operation Jesus Pictures, broke her nose in an accident in her house, and Jesus showed me: this is how it is with us: we are nose to nose with the enemy, just as Silvana foretold last year that it would be. (I am working to get the old mailing posts up on our new site so you can see what has been said. There are many powerful posts, and we can see how they are coming true, or have come true by events in the world.)