Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brotherhood in Iraq

On September 15, I was watching FoxNews and I froze the screen on a scene from Iraq, where there had been a homicide bombing or a car bomb: Here is my description from an earlier blog: I saw something very powerful yesterday. I was watching the news on FoxNews and there was a story of a suicide bombing in Baghdad. I stopped the tv (wonderful invention, the DVR. Get one if you can. It is a great tool for you and the Holy Spirit.) and I cried out in the spirit into Baghdad, "STOP IT". "Stop this violence. Remember that you are brothers". As I said this, I saw the Holy Spirit behind my words, and I saw Him move to the people, to move on their spirits to restore to them feelings of brotherhood. The violence in Iraq is Muslim on Muslim, Sunni on Shite. Then, I heard the enemy, who was listening to what was said. He said, "They won't feel it because I have never allowed them to feel it. They grew up without feeling of brotherhood." Immediately the Father spoke. He said, "They WILL feel it because they were created to feel it. They were created with feelings of brotherhood, one towards another." It doesn't matter how deeply that is buried, it is there.

Today there are two news articles that show that the Father is doing exactly what He showed He would do:

.....Mr Maliki said Iraqis could either live side by side as brothers, or see their country turned into an arena for the settling of political accounts. ....."I call on Iraqis to take advantage of this sacred month to reinforce brotherly ties to reject division and anything that threatens the Iraqi social fabric," he said.......threatens the Iraqi social fabric," he said. ....."Either we live side by side in a spirit of brotherhood, not separated by ethnic or sectarian identifies, or Iraq becomes a battlefield for different groups to settle their scores."

....A lawmaker loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose stronghold is in Sadr City, demanded that Sunni Arabs take action against the group behind the bombing. "All our brothers in religion should declare their innocence from such acts in order to isolate those criminals," Falah Hassan Shanshal said in a statement to parliament.