Thursday, August 24, 2006

About Mary

I was reading one of your Blogs and it was talking about Mary being seen, It would be beyond me to try and say what the Father will use or not use in His plans, but you have to help me with (Mary) being seen in different places. I trust you guys and that does not come easy with me. It's just there are so many people out saying this and that so I'm leerier of the voice I hear often times. So I've said all this to say this HELP me with the Mary thing. Thanks Bill
Dear Bill,

I am so glad that you wrote to us about this, and I know that if you ask the Father about it He will make it clear as to His purposes.

Why did Moses and Elijah appear before the disciples with Jesus? What was the point of appearing on earth? What can a human add or take away from the Father's will? Jesus said, "But in the account of the bush, even Moses showed that the dead rise, for he calls the Lord 'the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive." (Luke 20:37,38)

Moses and Elijah and Mary and Moses and Abraham and everyone who has ever loved the Father have not ceased to be His servants just because they are no longer on earth. When Jesus returns with Him will be many servants of God, both human and angel. Even though there are many ideas out there (and some very strange and many wrong) this is actually somewhat common in Christian belief, even though people don't think it through to a conclusion. People who believes in the rapture believe that man (kind) is to be reunited with Jesus and live with Him forever. If Jesus comes to earth, we will come to earth. If Jesus goes back and forth to heaven, so shall we, and we will be able to do so, because we will have a body like His.

Earth and heaven are dwelling places. The Father's home is in heaven and humans live on earth. Moses and Elijah came back to earth, and then went back. The great Cloud of Witnesses are humans that once dwelled on earth. I know this seems sort of obvious, Bill, but I lay it out because it helps your mind to see what is true from the Father and to see what you actually already do believe. (Since I know you are a believer in the Scriptures, which are the word of God.)

Mary is honored because she was chosen to be Jesus' mother. One time the Father showed me Mary's heart which is filled with love; love for Jesus and love for people. When it is really her, she turns people always to Jesus. I remember reading one time of an account of someone who was taken to heaven for a time and they asked the Father, "Do you mind if people talk to Mary". The Father said, "No". I knew by the Holy Spirit that the Father really did say that, but it seemed so unusual to me. Does the Father care if people believe that Mary can take their sin? Yes, He does because that is not true. There is only one who took our sin, because only one was without sin, and that is Jesus. Mary herself would be the first one to want everyone to know that she is a sinner, only a handmaiden to God.

There are many, many people on earth who would be encouraged and helped by seeing Mary or hearing her. I get great encouragement from those in the Cloud of Witnesses. I know that they understand our service to Jesus and the warfare against us. I know that they went through this life and are now with Him as I will be. I feel that they are far superior to me because they are not in sin any longer and I am in my sinful body, as I have demonstrated many times. But one thing we share in common, we love Jesus, we love the Father, and we want His will on earth. We want Israel to repent and be restored and rescued from the deadly peril that faces them. We want humans all over the world to realize that they are loved and that they can know their wonderful Creator, and we want Jesus honored by all.

So, dear Brother. I encourage you not to worry about the many people who are wrong and the different bizarre things that are taught and believed, but to simply trust the Father and talk to Him about everything that you hear and see. As you said, what is it to you or me who the Father chooses to use or how He acts to reach the world. He can be trusted and that we know to be so. Earth and heaven are drawing closer because the time of restoration is so very, very near. We just have to finish this war, and it will be done and all the great changes on earth can begin, because our King and our God will be back on earth.

The Father is going to rescue Israel. It will be as powerful and as great as when He took them from Egypt. No longer will people be anti-semite, as they have been for centuries and centuries. Instead, it will be an honor to be Jewish and all the nations will marvel at a country whose God came to live among them.

I am not doing Mary justice. She deserves a much more rousing defense, for she is truly lovely. You would love her, Bill, if you knew her. I hope, and I know I will, to follow in her footsteps of serving the Father throughout eternity, and not end my service to Him because I happened to leave this earth.

God bless you. Please let me know if there is anything further I can say to help you to set this right in your mind. Of course I trust that you will ask the Father, for He is the source of all truth.

In Jesus, whom I love,
Char Tierney