Wednesday, August 23, 2006


When the terrorist threat in England involving planes was uncovered, the Holy Spirit showed me that this is the fulfillment of something that He had shown to me in the past. In 2002, I saw a vision where there was a chemical attack in England that was blown away from England and ended up in France or mainland Europe.
Recently I saw the Father and Satan pushing against each other and a great wind like a hurricane swirled around them. The Holy Spirit showed me that the wind that I saw blowing away the attack from England was the Father pushing away the atttack that was planned in England.
When I saw this vision in 2002, I thought the chemical attack was something different. I remember the Father telling me one time when I was talking about this that I didn't understand what I was saying and He was so right. The attack was chemical, because they were planning to use chemicals to explode the planes. (I was thinking more along the lines of Saddam Hussein with the Kurds.) The attack - the Muslim attack - was pushed away from England by the Father, but France, or Europe will not fare so well.