Sunday, August 20, 2006

Powerful events

It is so amazing and sobering to see these powerful events unfold on the earth as they have continued to this week. Recently the Holy Spirit told me that the terrorist threat that was discovered in England (the planes going to different cities to blow up enroute) fulfilled a vision that He gave to me in 2002, which I had posted on the website. I am working on putting that vision with commentary onto the blog site. It will be a long post, so I will put it on another page and put a link here.
We are remaking the website. The Father told Silvana that it will be phase three. She said that phase one was BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION, which contained the Warning to the Church, and the 40 day fast which began on November 10,1989. (The day after the Berlin Wall fell, which was significant. Seven nations left communism at that time, supernaturally helped by the Holy Spirit.) The second phase was THE TABLE OF THE REMNANT and the third phase will be OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.
8-13-06 The Father said "from Sabbath to Sabbath" to have the candles lit on our table surrounding the prayer shawl for Israel with the items for Jesus folded inside. On the second Sabbath, ran the picture of our two flags all day on her excellent website. Here is the photo of the flags:

I dreamt earlier this month (Aug 4th) of an old friend of mine, a Jewish woman, coming to visit us. She came to the house that the Father's prophet, Silvana, and I share and she ate at our table. There was another woman there with blond hair who was also visiting us. In the dream I had two new dresses. One was black and grey in color and one had many colors in it. They were both business dresses. They were new. They had been ordered for me but we were going to give one or both of them away. We thought about giving one to the blond woman but it didn't seem that she needed them. She didn't have a job and she was basically mooning around the house in between meals. We gave one to the Jewish woman. At first it seemed black and grey but then I saw the many colors in it on a white background when she put it on. She was going to leave because she had a job to get back to, but she was going to come back in the future. I thought she would take the dress with her but she put it on immediately and left wearing it.

The reason I include this dream on the blog is because it is relevant to what is happening in the world and because of what the Holy Spirit said about it: the blond woman represents the church and the Jewish woman represents Israel. The church had no job and was just mooning around. (For those with English as a second language: mooning means to walk around moodily with no real purpose.) Although there is war the church does not participate much, but is lost in thoughts of self. Although she eats at the Father's table (food from Him is available readily) she does not work for Him. The Jewish woman, representing Israel, does have a job: she is standing against terrorism, which is the Father's will. She wanted the dress: which is what Silvana and I have to offer from the Father - knowing Him and what He is doing and what He has to say in the world today. Pray for Israel and if you are a part of the church, examine yourself. Do you hear the Father's voice? Are you doing His will, since there is war, or are you consumed with interest in self and what is happening to you?

The Holy Spirit showed something about Elijah at the table, as mentioned in an earlier blog: Elijah represents those who go to heaven but did not die: in other words, those who are raptured. That day is near.

In fact, Jordan Cooper had a dream about this also and since the Holy Spirit has said since Jordan's birth that he represents the Remnant I will post it also. (JORDAN WINTER COOPER: Jordan Winter represents "FAITH (the Jordan River where the priests walked into the water at flood season and it parted) IN THE DARKNESS" (winter, the season on earth before Jesus returns).

Jordan dreamt that he was going somewhere with his mother, Therese. They were going to go where Jesus is. He was with another boy his age and they were in a food fight. Then he and his mother left the scene of the food fight and went together past a forest, then past a field. He noticed three buildings in the field. Each had a sign on them. The largest building's sign said: HELP JORDAN. The second largest building had a sign saying, HELP JORDAN'S CLASSMATES. He does not remember the sign on the last building. While the dream was being recounted, the Holy Spirit said that the signs are what is out in the spirit from Him: angels are told to help Jordan. Angels are told to help Jordan's classmates: other children and people that Jordan cares about and prays for. Each person, each remnant, in the world has their own circle of family or friends or others with whom they come in contaact. Pray for them. Pray for the people you know and the people you meet or the people you see on TV. The Father is listening and there are already orders to help them. The forest represents the world which we are leaving and the field the spiritual realm. In the forest you cannot see the sky clearly, in the field if you look up you can see the sky. Seeing the sky enables you to see what the Father is saying or showing or what is true in the spirit.

At the end of the dream, Jordan and his mom entered a building and climbed up in it until they reached the top. The building was made out of rock or large stones. At the top of the building was Jesus and Therese and Jordan joined Him. End of dream. The Holy Spirit said that this was Jordan and Therese coming to Jesus to go with Him to the wedding feast. It is so near! The food in the food fight represents thoughts and ideas. The other boy represented the world and its thinking and Jordan represented the truth from Jesus. There is a war (fight) about the truth in the world today.

8-14-06 I saw the table with the people mentioned earlier in another blog all gathered around it - Gabriel, Mary, Elijah and Adam, and with them many angels with green wings. The Father came and poured out a large sack on the table. (A bag like Santa Claus might carry.) The people were picking up items and looking at them and I could hear rejoicing. Gabriel had a plane in his hands: it looked like a bi-plane.

Later, in the next day or two, there was a report on FoxNews about a bi-plane that landed on the medium strip by a highway and the pilot got out safely. The Holy Spirit said that this was one of the examples of the gifts from the Father: it is helps. The man in the plane was helped. There will be help for those crying out to Him, as He sends the angels with green wings (the green represents the earth) to help them and as those gathered and watching the earth cry out to Him. Mary is going to make herself known and felt and seen. She can help Catholics, who do not have a problem about seeing her. She always points everyone to Jesus, her Son, our Saviour. They all will help in whichever way they have gifts to help. President George Washington had a vision about America (I will post it on website later this week) and the angel of unity in the dream is Gabriel, the strongman of America. (Michael is the strongman of Israel.) He will help powerfully.

I had a dream one time about Mary moving in Cuba. We received a request for pictures of Jesus from Cuba this week. Pray for everyone who receives one. How much Jesus loves that nation!